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A free and open source 3D role playing game that enables you to explore a fantasy world, accept quests, and join different adventures.

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PlaneShift offers you the possibility to immerse yourself in a 3D virtual world filled with fantastical characters controlled by other people all over the world. In addition, PlaneShift also integrates numerous NPC characters that will guide you through the universe, offer quests with different rewards, and so on.

Note that PlaneShift is fully maintained by volunteers, sponsors, and donations: the gameplay is not limited in any way, and you do not have to buy premium content to achieve certain goals.

Explore a fantasy world and develop your own character by acquiring new skills and tools

Right off the bat, when you connect to the PlaneShift servers you must create a character that can have a custom appearance and different skills related to combat, magic, or crafting. Within the game universe you can interact with other players by using the built in chat, or you can communicate with the server controlled creatures.

To develop your character you must solve puzzles, fight monsters, cast spells, and accept quests suitable for your experience level in order gain new magical items, or to get the resources to craft new items. In the end, the skill levels of you character will improve in time, while you have fun exploring a fantastical world.

Interact with people all over the world and put your imagination to the test

Since PlaneShift is essentially a role playing game, acting in character is extremely important and leads to a great experience both for you, and for other players. Make sure to read the developer’s roleplay guide to see what goes and what not.

All in all, PlaneShift proposes an entertaining journey into a 3D environment where you can meet new people, join quests, cast spells, defeat monsters, improve skills, collect items that can be used to craft new tools, and so on. Ultimately, PlaneShift enables you to create a whole new persona.

PlaneShift was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 29th, 2014
PlaneShift - From PlaneShift's in game window you will be able to interact with all the players available on the channel.PlaneShift - By talking with various characters from the game, you can receive quests and useful information about the town you are currently in.PlaneShift - In order to leave the current tow you have to talk to the town's guard, who will give you practical tips before leaving.PlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShiftPlaneShift

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