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A highly customizable and fully-featured text editor based on modern web technologies and packed with tools designed for developers

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Atom is a well-designed and hackable text editor specially made for developers and power users that need more than just a simple text processor for their daily tasks.

Intuitive, user-friendly and fully-customizable text editor

With Atom’s help you can improve your productivity and customize it according to your requirements and preferences. From Atom’s main window you can easily access the file system, open a wide variety of file, make changes and preview your work with ease.

Experienced users can personalize Atom’s interface and customize its themes with CSS and even add new features with JavaScript and HTML. Hence, you can fully control your editor and enable it to do exactly what you need.

Manage files, start services and browse your file system

Thanks to the seamless integration with Node.js, you can effortlessly access the file system, start services and spawn subprocesses directly from within Atom. What is more, the Node package repository comes with over 50 thousands libraries.

Atom is created using over 50 open-source packages, which are integrated around a minimal core and, as a result, you can expand Atom’s feature list and capabilities. Consequently, you can change Atom, make adjustments and tweak it to fit your needs and share your work with other users, as well.

Easily make selections, preview your work and highlight code

At the same time, Atom comes packed with numerous features that are ready to use out of the box. As mentioned earlier, you can browse the file system, create and manage files and folders with the help of the built-in file system browser.

Atom also comes with a Fuzzy finder that makes it easy to open files and a powerful find and replace engine that allows you to search and replace text within a file. You can also open and organize multiple panes, use text snippets, fold code and import TextMate grammars and themes.

Atom was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 26th, 2015
Atom - From Atom's main window you can easily edit text and text-based files with ease.Atom - The context menu helps you use the autocomplete function, correct your spelling and reveal the file in Tree View.Atom - By accessing the Selection menu, you can make precise selection with just a few mouse clicks.Atom - screenshot #4Atom - screenshot #5Atom - screenshot #6Atom - screenshot #7Atom - screenshot #8Atom - screenshot #9

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