bliss Changelog

New in version 20150811

August 18th, 2015
  • Database engine improvements:
  • The first main bug fix relates to how bliss can sometimes react when changing settings. A few months back I changed bliss's database engine to a different library. This fixed some data corruption issues, but, as often happens, some different problems were introduced.
  • Specifically, the way the new database engine updates files on your computer's storage is a bit different; when bliss interrupts an update, sometimes the database engine gives up and won't write again. We've fixed this in this release, and so hopefully changing settings and rescanning won't cause the same issues. These errors didn't always occur, but there was the possibility and we received a number of reports, so we fixed it.
  • OS X users:
  • We've downgraded the version of Java shipped with bliss to Java 1.7.0_025. This is because of a number of reports of bliss failing to start. We believe the issue was that the version of Java we shipped was too recent and earlier versions of OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion mainly, it seemed) did not properly support it. So we have downgraded for now.
  • Performance improvements:
  • We've implemented a number of performance improvements. In general, these seek to minimise storage access. We noticed this makes the biggest improvement when paging through lists of albums, but there should be a general improvement as well.
  • Further improvements:
  • Ignore 'LP' and 'EP' in case rules
  • Fixed the label on the "Fix all visible" button for fixing tag types
  • The UI now runs in "production mode" to avoid nasty "comet" errors
  • Fixed a rare problem: NotSerializableException:
  • Fixed the "Use" button on the cover art alternatives page being displayed off screen

New in version 20150522 (June 2nd, 2015)

  • New way of executing multiple fixes at once, and some more useful bug fixes.
  • First up, a new feature to make fixing all those non-compliant music files a lot faster and a lot easier.
  • The normal approach to automation in bliss is: create a new rule to manage a music library, and once bliss users are happy with what it does, consider automating it.
  • The trouble is that the gap between rule creation and rule automation is often a long one. Plus, sometimes wholesale rule automation may not be desirable because of the potential for automation-gone-wrong.
  • This release's main new feature is a way of fixing all problems of a specified type. For example, fixing all artwork that is too large by shrinking it, or changing all genres to an "allowed" genre.
  • Further improvements:
  • When a cover is picked from the cover art alternatives page, show success/failure and reload the row.
  • Fix an occasional problem in bliss's regular expression rules (affecting case rules).
  • Fix some button alignments on the individual-album change art page.

New in version 20150423 (April 28th, 2015)

  • Rewritten some of the underlying parts of bliss to use a new database engine. This is due to a few reports I've received of database corruption seemingly occurring after long periods of using bliss. After a couple of weeks testing by those affected, we seem to have fixed these problems, so that's good news.
  • More improvements:
  • Exempt roman numerals and common name prefixes ("La", "De" etc) from case rules
  • Sped up tag look-up
  • Fixed the count of non compliant albums due to non-compliant file paths
  • Fixed the layout of the help and album detail pages
  • Fixed the file organization token to cope with cases where there's an album artist but no track artist

New in version 20150316 (March 24th, 2015)

  • The main area of work has been in improving the consistency of bliss's internal database, particularly after large scale file renaming. I had a few reports of issues in this area, and I've reworked some fundamental database code to try to avoid said consistency problems.
  • Other improvements in this area are to take positive steps to disallow multiple instances of bliss running, and when a database corruption issue is discovered upon startup make sure bliss is shutdown completely (it sometimes runs in a "zombie" state which makes cleaning up difficult).
  • A nice little improvement is an indicator to how many compliant/non-compliant items there are.
  • Further improvements:
  • Updated the OS X JDK
  • Sped up the Inbox
  • Fixed problems working with old cover art rules
  • Don't allow double clicks on fix buttons
  • Don't allow indefinite blocking when calling OneMusicAPI
  • Store fileInfo in a database to avoid issues with overly long file names

New in version 20150109 (January 10th, 2015)

  • An important fix to bliss's rule assessment/fix procedure. In the last release we included a fix to ensure that multiple reasons for non-compliance get fixed when those multiple reasons were both found by the same rule. Before it would be a two step process, with you, the user, having to click a manual response or invoke a rescan on the album in question.
  • Further improvements:
  • Further refinements to the Stripe checkout process for EU VAT data gathering
  • Fix the "missing tags" non-compliant filter (it wasn't showing albums that were missing tags before)

New in version 20141224 (December 29th, 2014)

  • Search/filter tags page:
  • A new search field and button allows you to search for any value in any tag in all of your music files.
  • The way it works is that your search term is compared to all tags and if a file has a tag that contains the text you enter, that file is shown on the Tags page. Files without any tags that contain the search term are not shown.
  • It is not possible to constrain the search to certain tags, nor is it possible to perform any placed wildcard ('*' et al) searches. I thought we should see if a simple 'contains' search would be good enough for now.
  • Further improvements:
  • When missing art from a separate cover art file and the embedded artwork is non-compliant, fix both in two steps automatically (the latter first obviously).
  • Added some exceptions for common acronyms in the case rules.
  • Fixed page navigation when switching between compliance filters.
  • Be more restrictive about assigning tracks to the same album when one set of tracks has a compilation flag set.
  • Don't send disc number 'total' number when querying for cover art and tags, if it is in the DISCNUMBER field.
  • The whole file path is now shown in the untagged page.

New in version 20141119 (November 25th, 2014)

  • Support for the latest version of Mac OS X, 10.10, codenamed "Yosemite".
  • OneMusicAPI is now used exclusively for fingerprinting and canonical artist lookup.
  • Fixed the "in progress" icon which wasn't showing in some browsers.

New in version 20141027 (November 4th, 2014)

  • New release with support for Java 8, background work for filtering by compliance type, some UI fixes and fixing the different artist rules so they can work together.
  • More improvements:
  • Some background work for supporting filtering by compliant type.
  • Allow albums to be tagged without an album name in the Untagged page, but don't attempt to show them in the Albums list.
  • Fixed "back to list" when viewing album detail via the Artists page.
  • Allow the canonical artist and consistent track artist rules to work together.
  • Clear and rescan should clear the tag cache so files are completely re-read under all circumstances.

New in version 20140917 (September 23rd, 2014)

  • This is another bug fix release, with an important fix for the canonical artist rule.
  • More improvements:
  • The untagged tables are now ordered by filename.
  • "Back to list" behaves correctly after fixing something on the album detail page
  • Fixed the layout of the "run out of fixes" page

New in version 20140813 (August 20th, 2014)

  • This new build contains a lot of fine tuning: performance improvements, bug fixes, and adoption of the new 500 fix licence.
  • A major change is the adoption of the 500 fix licence. From now on, the 1000 fix licence will be replaced with the 500 fix licence on the Buy fixes page. Existing 1000 fix licences continue to work as before and are still "worth" 1000 fixes.

New in version 20140702 (July 8th, 2014)

  • Changed the show tags option to display the tags using the same component as is used for the Tags page. Hopefully this familiarity in look and keyboard navigation will be beneficial. As before, the tags can be edited before being tagged into the music files.
  • We also now show that same tagging component when no tags were found for an album. This means if bliss doesn't find metadata for a given album or folder it is still shown in the Untagged page with an option to fill the tags in yourself.
  • Still on the Untagged page, we now make sure albums that are tagged show immediately in the Albums page, and we also support tagging files without an artist name (this caused an error before).
  • There are some smaller fixes and improvements in this release::
  • Fixed one more capitalization rule false positive.
  • Some work to improve rule execution concurrency and performance.
  • Fixed a bug with album size dependent track number padding.

New in version 20140622 (June 18th, 2014)

  • Fix some startup errors for VortexBox users
  • De-duplicate genre results from MusicBrainz
  • Make sure the genre consolidation rule works when case rules are enabled
  • When the disc number has a disc total value, don't use this to query OneMusicAPI
  • Improve the Tags page UI when a tag cannot be changed
  • Show progress when providing a URL to change the cover art to

New in version 20140522 (May 23rd, 2014)

  • Turns out Tuesday's release has a problem: it only works for existing users installing it over the top of an existing release. This emergency fix solves that problem so totally new users can also "get blissed".
  • As luck would have it, some other improvements have made their way into this release:
  • When many albums in separate folders are tagged "Unknown" and just one is tagged, avoid forcing through the untagged files into the Albums page
  • Show simpler errors on the Tags page
  • Fix some more Title case (excluding closed class words) false positives
  • Move to the latest version of OneMusicAPI

New in version 20140513 (May 21st, 2014)

  • Performance improvements, fixes for the new case rules and fixes for year and genre look-up:
  • No new features in this build, but a mass of fixes and small improvements.
  • In the area of performance, memory use has been reduced in bliss's internal database, and when audio fingerprinting a lot of files in one directory. In the same kind-of area we also make sure that if bliss runs out of memory on OS X then we store the memory dump where it can be retrieved later for analysis.
  • There's also some performance improvements when changing libraries and/or rules.
  • Finally, under performance, we changed bliss's in-memory cache of tags so that it scales in size with the amount of memory assigned to bliss. This means more memory assigned allows bliss to store more in memory and so leads to less reason to read from files. This speeds bliss up, especially when reading/writing to files is slow (e.g. across a wireless network).
  • Some fixes for the new case rules feature: we fixed some false positives which meant album, artist or track titles with certain punctuation (e.g. apostrophes) were erroneously marked as non-compliant.
  • Finally a couple of improvements when filling in years and genres. Duplicate suggestions are now removed, as are blank "Set to" suggestions.

New in version 20140423 (April 30th, 2014)

  • This new release includes case rules - the ability to ensure album, artist and track names comply with a pre-defined case style.
  • More stuff:
  • Optimised queries to OneMusicAPI a little, making queries faster, more likely to match and also more accurate
  • Fixed album 'tiling' in the album overview page to avoid 'snagging' where tiles are different heights
  • Show progress when clicking a fix in a fix dropdown
  • Allow the maximum image size bliss will process to increase in line with assigned memory
  • Ignore #recycle folders (these are created on Synology when accessed via a Windows CIFS share)
  • Fixed a bug to allow setting track number to a plain or padded integer in an MP3 when there's an existing track number total field

New in version 20140318 (March 26th, 2014)

  • Speeds up cover art alternatives (the change art and cover art alternatives pages) which has slowed since the work to fix Discogs artwork download.
  • Before, two queries were made for cover art, one with the tag information and one with the audio fingerprints. Despite the fact that the former always returned much faster, the results were not displayed until the fingerprint results had also been returned. So I've changed this such that all results are immediately displayed as they are streamed back to bliss.
  • This means you get cover art alternatives much faster!
  • Further improvements to the "Browse" button.
  • All mapped drives are listed, such as those drives mapped to network locations.
  • In addition the Music library fields, populated with your music folders that contain your music files, were being converted from backslash-separated to slash-separated folder paths. This was confusing for Windows users, so I've fixed it so that it obeys the platform conventions.
  • Other improvements:
  • The automated cover art 'probability' requirement has been relaxed, meaning more matches (it was overly strict since the Discogs change)
  • Some prep work for case rules in tags
  • Upped the size limit on uploaded cover art to 8MB
  • bliss no longer indexes large (>16kb) tag fields
  • Fixed a problem saving data to the bliss internal database
  • The Inbox page loads faster by ensuring a query for cover art alternatives is not made

New in version 20140226 (February 27th, 2014)

  • Better resilience to cover art database outage.

New in version 20140208 (February 10th, 2014)

  • This release contains our most popular asked-for feature, multiple music libraries! You can now add multiple music folders to bliss, and have bliss scan, assess and fix all of the folders.
  • Other stuff:
  • Fixed occasional cases of Cannot assign instance of ImmutableImageInfoSerialisationProxy to field UserResponseCoverArtAssistSerialisationProxy.image of type com.elsten.bliss.policy.coverart.lookup.ImageInfo
  • When album artist is just spaces, use track artist deduction to decide on the artist for a release
  • Avoid cases where missing files means bliss won't start

New in version 20140122 (January 29th, 2014)

  • Fixes for some security issues related to app signing and for bliss being slowed by App Nap.
  • The bliss application is now signed for Mavericks, so no further security errors should be displayed.
  • The effect of App Nap has been negated by declaring bliss as an OS X agent. App Nap does not work on agents. This is arguably something that should've been done before anyway; it better describes how bliss works so OS X can tailor itself accordingly. This also no means, for example, the extraneous Dock icon shown when bliss starts is no longer visible.
  • There's also some work toward supporting multiple music libraries in this release, although it's not exposed in the UI. Keep your eyes on the idea linked above for updates on this one, but it's looking likely to be completed for the next release!
  • Other stuff:
  • There's a clearer way of providing an existing licence rather than using the Buy with Paypal tab. See Re-enter an existing fixes code on the fixes page.
  • Windows services work again (whoops)
  • A few small UI alignment fixes
  • When one type (either embedded or a file) of artwork is missing and the other type is non-compliant, don't auto-install from the Web

New in version 20131126 (December 4th, 2013)

  • This release contains a nice enhancement; the album overview (and other pages) are now drawn in a "fluid" style. This means the more you widen the page, the more that is accommodated. Before, bliss would always show four albums on each row of the album overview. If you have a wider browser this can now grow and grow!
  • Some more minor changes and tweaks:
  • OneMusicAPI is now used for genre and year lookup
  • Cope with files with spaces at the start of the name
  • Avoid certain memory usage problems in bliss's index of tags

New in version 20131108 (November 9th, 2013)

  • Use the new version of OneMusicAPI
  • Better error reporting in popups when fixes don't work
  • Fixed multiple identical entries appearing in genre dropdowns
  • We now support Stripe for payments, so you can just supply your credit card details in the app

New in version 20131028 (November 8th, 2013)

  • A new tag editor, improved cover art alternatives
  • Don't query OneMusicAPI with empty fingerprints
  • Handle errors querying MusicBrainz in rule scripts
  • Log untagged files that aren't fingerprinted
  • Lower memory usage of the database cache
  • Clean up any record of albums after fixing
  • In the settings UI, make the help popups disappear when clicking elsewhere

New in version 20130702 (October 4th, 2013)

  • Automatic track number formatting, new file organisation options
  • Albums with only and album artist tag and no track artist tags is no longer considered untagged
  • Cover art lookup is a little more accurate for multi disc lookups
  • If a music folder doesn't exist at startup but is subsequently added then a rescan shall find it
  • Removed the 'feedback' tab on the Tags page, as it got in the way
  • Improved UI consistency and fixed a few other things on the Buy fixes page
  • bliss now ignores all trailing null terminators in tags
  • Don't assume a temporary folder exists at startup
  • Recover when initialisation of bliss's secondary indexes fail
  • When updating, don't try to stop the module containing the code that's currently running

New in version 20130617 (June 27th, 2013)

  • This release focuses on two areas that have needed "polishing" for a while: in-app update and the maintainability of bliss's internal database.
  • In-app update has been changed such that bliss now restarts itself after the update is complete. I had to resort to this because many of the third-party libraries bliss uses are not written to be used in an update-able environment (technically, they do not adhere to various rules imposed by OSGi).
  • Separately, bliss is now more cautious about how it updates its internal database and steps have been taken to avoid data corruption when a computer itself is abruptly stopped, restarted or updated. Before, rectification meant following the instructions at How do I clear a corrupted bliss database? This fix will greatly reduce the likelihood of data corruption.
  • Changes:
  • Ignore files and folders beginning with "."
  • In the list exposed by "why?" show non-compliant items on top and make the list scrollable
  • Tolerate Acoustid outages
  • Show error messages if manual file movements fail
  • Fix artwork sizing responses not showing button text
  • Make dropdown buttons more responsive when clicking the default fix

New in version 20130416 (April 24th, 2013)

  • Discogs cover art could no longer be downloaded by bliss. This new release contains a fix for this problem, and also a nice added bonus that a newer version of OneMusicAPI is used which should improve cover art matching overall.

New in version 20130326 (April 3rd, 2013)

  • UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added better feedback to fix buttons. Now, after pressing them, they should change colour to indicate success or failure. In the case of failure, more detail about the problem will be shown in a popup attached to the button.
  • A couple of improvements for cover art resizing. First, the algorithm used to shrink images has been refined so that cropping is avoided. In some cases, with some resolutions, images would be cropped slightly either on the horizontal or vertical axis. This shouldn't occur anymore. In addition, when you had configured rules for both the maximum resolution and data size for album art the fixes were being combined into one button. This meant when you clicked the button the artwork was resized twice. This no longer occurs.
  • Cleared up some duplicated items that used to appear in the Inbox.