SQLAlchemy-Migrate Changelog

New in version 0.7.2

January 21st, 2013
  • Changes:
  • support for SQLAlchemy 0.5.x has been dropped
  • Python 2.6 is the minimum supported Python version
  • Documentation:
  • add *creditsfor contributors
  • add *glossary*
  • improve *advice on testing production changes*
  • improve Sphinx markup
  • refine *Database Schema Versioningtexts, add example for adding/droping columns (#104)
  • add more developer related information to *Developmentsection
  • use sphinxcontrib.issuetracker to link to Google Code issue tracker
  • Features:
  • improved **PEP 8*compliance (#122)
  • optionally number versions with timestamps instead of sequences (partly pulled from Pete Keen)
  • allow descriptions in SQL change script filenames (by Pete Keen)
  • improved model generation
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • #83: api test downgrade/upgrade does not work with sql scripts (pulled from Yuen Ho Wong)
  • #105: passing a unicode string as the migrate repository fails (add regression test)
  • #113: make_update_script_for_model fails with AttributeError: 'SchemaDiff' object has no attribute 'colDiffs' (patch by Jeremy Cantrell)
  • #118: upgrade and downgrade functions are reversed when using the command "make_update_script_for_model" (patch by Jeremy Cantrell)
  • #121: manage.py should use the "if __name__=='__main__'" trick
  • #123: column creation in make_update_script_for_model and required API change (by Gabriel de Perthuis)
  • #124: compare_model_to_db gets confused by sqlite_sequence (pulled from Dustin J. Mitchell)
  • #125: drop column does not work on persistent sqlite databases (pulled from BenoĆ®t Allard)
  • #128: table rename failure with sqlalchemy 0.7.x (patch by Mark McLoughlin)
  • #129: update documentation and help text (pulled from Yuen Ho Wong)

New in version 0.7.1 (May 28th, 2011)

  • Is compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.5.x, SQLAlchemy 0.6.x and SQLAlchemy 0.7.x.

New in version 0.7.0 (May 27th, 2011)

  • Is compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.5.x, SQLAlchemy 0.6.x and SQLAlchemy 0.7.x.

New in version 0.6.1 (February 12th, 2011)

  • Features:
  • Pureimplemented column adding when foreign keys are present for sqlite
  • Pureimplemented columns adding with unique constraints for sqlite
  • Pureimplemented adding unique and foreign key constraints to columns for sqlite
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Pureupdated tests for Python 2.7
  • Purerepository keyword in api.version_control can also be unicode
  • Pureadded if main condition for manage.py script
  • Puremake migrate.changeset.constraint.ForeignKeyConstraint.autoname
  • work with SQLAlchemy 0.5 and 0.6
  • Purefixed case sensitivity in setup.py dependencies
  • Puremoved migrate.changeset.exceptions and migrate.versioning.exceptions to migrate.exceptions
  • Purecleared up test output and improved testing of deprecation warnings.
  • Puresome documentation fixes
  • Purefixed syntax error in genmodel.py (issue 107)
  • Purefixed bug with column dropping in sqlite (issue 96)
  • Purefixed bug with column dropping involving foreign keys
  • Purefixed bug that prevented non-unique indexes being created
  • Purefixed bug when dropping columns with unique constraints in sqlite
  • Purerewrite of the schema diff internals, now supporting column differences in additon to missing columns and tables.
  • Purefixed bug when passing empty list in migrate.versioning.shell.main failed

New in version 0.5.2 (February 19th, 2009)

  • move sphinx and nose dependencies to extras_require and tests_require
  • integrate patch for Issue 36 by Kumar McMillan
  • fix unit tests
  • mark ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with FOREIGN KEY as not supported by SQLite