PDCurses Changelog

New in version 3.4

January 19th, 2009
  • New features:
  • setsyx() is now a function rather than a macro.
  • Bug fixes and such:
  • In x11, the xc_atrtab table size was under-calculated by half, resulting in crashes at (oddly) certain line counts. (It should've crashed a lot more.) Reported by Mark Hessling.
  • Test for moved cursor was omitting the window origin offset. Reported by Carey Evans.
  • Is DOS and OS/2, the value for max items in key_table was still wrong. Reported by C.E.
  • Changed isendwin() so it won't crash after delscreen().
  • Ensure zero-termination in PDC_mbstowcs() and PDC_wcstombs().
  • Disable QuickEdit Mode when enabling mouse input for the Win32 console; reported by "Zalapkrakna".
  • Fix for building under Innotek C (I hope). Report by Elbert Pol, fix courtesy of Paul Smedley.
  • Unified exports list with no duplicates -- pdcurses.def is now built from components at compile time.
  • Don't install curspriv.h, and don't include it with binary distributions.
  • Building DLLs with LCC is no longer supported, due to the primitive nature of its make.exe.
  • Export the terminfo stub functions from the DLLs, too.
  • Added support for Apple's ".dylib" in configure. Suggested by Marc Vaillant (who says it's needed with OS 10.5.)
  • In sdl1/Makefile.mng, ensure that CC is set.
  • In the gcc makefiles, "$?" didn't really have the desired effect -- _all_ the dependencies showed up on the command line, including curses.h, and pdcurses.a twice. And apparently, this can mess up some old version (?) of MinGW. So, revert to spelling out "tuidemo.o tui.o". Reported by "Howard L."
  • Extensive documentation revision and reorganizing. More to do here. For example, I moved the build instructions from INSTALL (which never really described installation) to the platform-specific READMEs.
  • New indentation standard: four spaces, no tabs.