Kmttg Changelog

New in version 1.1i

January 10th, 2015
  • VideoRedo vrdreview task now launches VideoRedo using executable rather than through COM script. This is so that background/COM VRD jobs don't interfere with vrdreview task which was a problem previously when using VRD 4 or later versions.
  • Related to above there is a new config VideoRedo option called VideoRedo executable where you need to specify full path to VRD executable to use to launch VideoRedo. If this path is not specified, kmttg will attempt to search for an executable automatically.

New in version 1.1h (November 25th, 2014)

  • Web server related enhancements:
  • Web server cache dir is now configurable. Config option is under configuration Web tab called kmttg web server cache dir
  • Added new config option to Web tab called Share browser show video files only. With this option enabled the Share Browser page will filter out non video files from being displayed.
  • FIXES:
  • Fix to VRDscripts/adscan.vbs file to work properly with VRD 5.

New in version 1.1g (November 10th, 2014)

  • Added support for series 3 or earlier TiVos to Video Streaming page.
  • Added new Share Browser page which allows you to browse video file shares and click on videos to play them directly in your browser if it can handle them.
  • Added new config options to Config-Web tab that allows you to specify custom video share names to use for the web server Video Streaming and Share Browser pages.
  • Added new ToDo page
  • Added new Job Monitor page to allow monitoring and removal of kmttg jobs (useful for monitoring auto transfers running in non GUI mode).
  • Added Network Connect and Reboot buttons to Info page
  • Added Copy and Load buttons to Season Passes page
  • Show names displayed in table now contain episode information when available
  • Disable logging during kmttg shutdown & startup to avoid creating excess auto.log.# files
  • FIXES:
  • vrdreview task now uses xml writer to create VideoRedo project file so that proper character escaping is used for special characters. Previously file names with special characters such as "&" were not getting escaped, so VRD could not open the file.

New in version 1.1f (November 3rd, 2014)

  • Added new EXPERIMENTAL web server capability.
  • Under configuration there is a new Web tab where you can enable web server capability.
  • Adds video streaming capability to browsers supporting HLS (Safari, iOS Safari, 4.x Android Chrome). Note that this is still in early stages and may not be fully functional on various devices. I only tested on iPad Air.
  • Video streaming directly from series 4+ TiVos is also supported, but only works for unprotected programs (without CCI byte) that can be downloaded, since it downloads the show from the TiVo and decrypts + transcodes on the fly.
  • At least for iOS there are apps that let you save video links locally to your device. One example is Video Downloader from Appsneon. There are likely others and some for Android platform as well. This provides a way to save videos prepared via kmttg web server to your device for offline viewing.
  • Extends some of the kmttg Remote capabilities to any device with a web browser, such as iOS and Android devices. The current functionality available is limited and more just proof of concept and may be extended over time.
  • A fully functional virtual remote is available to extend remote to any device with a web browser.
  • If you setup port forwarding in your router then you can extend this functionality to outside the home so you can have access to the functionality from anywhere.
  • TiVos listed in web server mode are intentionally restricted to series 4 and later only (that support RPC functionality).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for TiVo Remote buttons:
  • Jump to minute - Alt m
  • Skip minutes back - Alt ,
  • Skip minutes ahead - Alt .
  • Added Vudu (html) launch point to virtual remote.
  • Default Use Java for downloads instead of curl option to be on for new kmttg installations since latest Mac OS no longer works with curl.
  • For RPC reboot function, changed sleep time from 3 to 5 seconds for sending thumbs down button presses to perhaps aid in preventing lockups for units slow to bring up the reboot screen.
  • When Resume Downloads is enabled and .TiVo file already exists the resume download target is renamed to (2).TiVo suffix. (Similar for .mpg for combined download/decrypt option).
  • TiVo 20.4.5 software update changed platform name for embedded Stream, so Bonjour discovery was falsely picking it up as another TiVo. With this update, Stream broadcasts are now ignored again.

New in version 1.1e (October 18th, 2014)

  • Renamed VideoRedo Allow multiple VideoRedo jobs at once option to Run all VideoRedo jobs in GUI mode. With either setting kmttg now allows more than 1 VRD task to run at a time. You may still need to enable this option if you plan to actively use VRD GUI while kmttg is running other VRD tasks, since background mode VRD tasks interfere with VRD GUI.
  • FIXES:
  • Fixes for comskip output for VideoRedo version 3 syntax so as to include scene markers.

New in version 1.1d (October 3rd, 2014)

  • Cosmetic changes related to new "All channels" Season Passes for some RPC operations.
  • FIXES:
  • Workaround bug with comskip generation of scene markers in Version 3 format VideoRedo .VPrj project files. The syntax comskip generates is incorrect, so now kmttg post-processes the project file after a comskip run to fix the syntax so that scene markers will properly appear when starting VideoRedo.

New in version 1.1c (August 25th, 2014)

  • By request you can now use "." (period) and "," (comma) keyboard shortcuts to descend into NPL folder and exit NPL folder respectively. This makes it easier to navigate NPL using keyboard only.
  • AtomicParsley runs updated:
  • Uses --title option with title data for non-episodic shows.
  • Only uses --TVShowName option with title data for episodic shows.
  • Updates to files under VRDscripts to work with latest beta version of VideoRedo TVSuite V5 as well as older versions of VideoRedo.
  • Update to comskip task to add output_videoredo3=1 in comskip.ini file if not already present when target comskip output is for VideoRedo. This allows the comskip output to be work with VideoRedo TVSuite V5.
  • Updated vrdreview task to use vbs script to launch VRD instead of looking for and launching executable by name.
  • Since the path to VideoRedo installation is no longer needed by kmttg, the VideoRedo path config option has changed to be Enable VideoRedo boolean instead.
  • MindRPC authentication updated to use default keyManagerFactory instead of hardcoding "SunX509" so as to support a wider set of Java distributions.

New in version 1.1b (July 28th, 2014)

  • Added file name override field to auto transfers configuration which allows you to specify a custom naming template to use for individual auto entries that override the global File Naming entry. This allows you to use different file naming templates for selected auto entries if desired.
  • Added Reboot button to Remote Info tab that can be used to reboot series 4 or later TiVos. This for example gives you a way to reboot a TiVo using kmttg while away from home.

New in version 1.1a (June 16th, 2014)

  • The DirectShow Dump solution does fully support decryption of TS .TiVo files unlike tivodecode which does not.
  • New default download file is
  • Use Help->Update tools kmttg menu entry to automatically update your installation to use this package.
  • Includes new dsd folder which contains DirectShow Dump executables.
  • Includes new ccextractor folder which is used by captions task.
  • Includes update to more recent version of ffmpeg.
  • Help->Update kmttg now can restart kmttg instead of just closing.
  • FIXES:
  • Metadata file for cut file originating from TS .TiVo file was not getting renamed to .ts extension when appropriate.