Changes Changelog

New in version 1.7.2 Build 595

February 12th, 2015
  • [FIXED] Crash when restoring windows if previous files/directories are no longer available.
  • [FIXED] Crash in text diff when reverting changes while "Differences Only" is selected.
  • [FIXED] Crash in text diff when copying left or right while the cursor is at the end of the document.
  • [FIXED] Beachball when closing directory window during a long-running diff.

New in version 1.7.1 Build 592 (June 19th, 2014)

  • [FIXED] Eliminates a crash occasionally seen when scrolling or switching between windows.

New in version 1.7.0 Build 590 (May 23rd, 2014)

  • [NEW] Added support and updated graphics for Retina displays.
  • [CHANGE] Drastically reduced memory consumption when diffing large directories and files.
  • [CHANGE] Assorted stability improvements and performance enhancements.
  • [CHANGE] is now owned by MartianCraft, LLC.

New in version 1.6.2 Build 582 (December 11th, 2012)

  • [FIXED] Issue where directory comparison failed to mark some files as differing
  • [FIXED] "Insecure Update Error" message affecting some users

New in version 1.6.1 (December 11th, 2012)

  • [FIXED] Issue where "Differences Only" view would fail
  • [FIXED] Drawing glitch on licensing window

New in version 1.6.0 (December 11th, 2012)

  • [NEW] Now requires OS X 10.7 or later.
  • [NEW] Full screen support
  • [NEW] Session restore
  • [NEW] Signed with Developer ID for Gatekeeper compatibility
  • [FIXED] Lots of bug fixes for Lion and Mountain Lion
  • [FIXED] chdiff hud mode working again on Lion and Mountain Lion
  • [CHANGE] chdiff now accepts --hud as a synonym for --local-scm
  • [CHANGE] is now owned by BitBQ LLC

New in version 1.5.6 Build 524 (April 21st, 2009)

  • Added the "Return" key-shortcut to the SCM HUD, pressing this key will execute the comparison.
  • Fixed an issue where a copy or a move would hang the directory comparison view.
  • Addressed performance regressions in the directory comparison view.
  • Text diff should use linear time and memory when performing the difference.
  • Fixed the mis-detection of unicode files.
  • Changes now displays the directory tree "as fast as possible". Directory refreshes are cancellable w/o nuking the displayed files.

New in version 1.5.5 Build 503 (April 7th, 2009)

  • Fixed an issue with detecting binary files.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause overly long lines to crash Changes.
  • Improved directory comparison performance, feedback should be faster now.
  • Added a "days left" reminder to the demo.
  • Fixed an issue with differing files being marked as single improperly.

New in version 1.5.4 Build 487 (April 4th, 2009)

  • Added an environment variable preference pane.
  • Added a chdiff terminal utility update check.
  • Bugfixes for the SCM Adapter scripts.

New in version 1.5.3 Build 478 (April 1st, 2009)

  • Added a mercurial support script.
  • Fixed an issue with directories and the SCM HUD.
  • Added a version flag to chdiff.

New in version 1.5.0 Build 472 (March 31st, 2009)

  • UI touch-ups.
  • Touched up the AppleScript interface.
  • Header view locked down.
  • Scrubbed through for memory bugs. Fixed an issue with non-collection of old directory comparison documents.
  • The directory differencing view should update properly after a file is copied, deleted or moved.
  • Added a new switch to the chdiff utility --local-scm for use in integration projects.
  • SCM HUD feature added for integration with other apps. Currently supports Git and Subversion. Check for more details.
  • TextMate integration improved. SCMHUD support added.
  • BBEdit and TextWrangler integration improved. SCMHUD support added.
  • Support for Coda and Espresso Added via the SCMHUD.
  • Do the right thing when a file is deleted out from under us.
  • File change detection fixed.
  • Moved the path controls back into the table headers.
  • Re-enabled the directory merge feature.
  • All immediate mode operations implemented.
  • Sometimes, immediate mode operations don't finish before a refresh does. In this case, just hit the Refresh button.
  • Multiple selection supported in the directory differencing view.
  • Added the space bar and return key shortcuts back to the directory differencing view.
  • Incremented version number to 1.5
  • Completely revamped the directory differencing view.
  • Fixed CVS default exclusion filter. It is now "CVS" instead of ".cvs".
  • New directory merge engine added. The old one was pretty bad. The new one does nice stuff like proper merging of empty directories, etc.
  • Removed F-Script support.
  • Removed MacFUSE installation support. MacFUSE 2.0 is widespread enough now that Changes doesn't need to help install it.
  • Added basic AppleScript support.
  • Fixed the issue with trackpad scrolling after initial load in the Text diff view.

New in version 1.0.4 Build 41 (April 10th, 2008)

  • Fixed a directory creation bug.

New in version 1.0.3 Build 40 (April 9th, 2008)

  • Directory difference window draggable by bottom bar.
  • Find/Replace enabled
  • Fixed nasty corner-case where lines could be dropped from difference blocks.
  • Fixed the session chooser bundle issue.
  • Changes should use much less memory now in the directory differencing view.
  • Directory differencing should be much faster.
  • Fixed the bundle issue. Changes works with bundles now.
  • Re-enabled GC after a workaround was found for a text layout bug.
  • Fixed crash on load for chsession files.
  • Changed default on text diff from "Ignore leading and trailing whitespace and newlines" to "Ignore trailing newlines".
  • Changed exclusion filter key-shortcut.
  • Fixed a nasty copy/paste bug.

New in version 1.0.2 Build 34 (March 3rd, 2008)

  • Added Save Original As... and Save Modified As... to the File menu for the Text Diff view.
  • Updated window animations for text diff launching. You can disable this in Preferences to get the old behavior back.
  • Added preference to disable window animations.
  • Added shift-sensitive slow motion to the animations.
  • Reduced memory requirements overall.
  • Reduced memory and CPU requirements when opening large documents.
  • Session chooser now orders recent paths correctly in the drop-down combo list.
  • Added a toolbar button for "Commit Merge..." in the directory comparison view's toolbar.
  • Fixed crashes in the Directory Comparison view.
  • Changed the key bindings again.
  • Updated menu item and toolbar item labels.
  • Fixed issue with "lingering" open documents.

New in version 1.0.1 Build 30 (February 21st, 2008)

  • Licensing fixes. If your license was rejected by Changes, please try this build.

New in version 1.0 Build 28 (February 20th, 2008)

  • Updated the help document to provide a more in-depth description of the text editor integration.
  • Added warnings to BBEdit and TextWrangler integration.

New in version 1.0b10(26) (February 19th, 2008)

  • First Release Build
  • chdiff --wait regression fixed.
  • Re-enabled demo mode.
  • Fixed crash in Directory Compare view.
  • Updated help.
  • Added manpage.

New in version 1.0b10(24) (February 18th, 2008)

  • Updated Quick Look support to allow selection of multiple files.
  • Updated shortcut keys for filters.

New in version 1.0b10(22) (February 16th, 2008)

  • First release candidate, help file will be updated before release.
  • Changed Default/Difference to Full/Differences Only in text view.
  • chdiff is copied to /usr/bin/chdiff instead of linked.
  • chdiff now supports redirection from STDIN and process substitution.
  • Fixed bug where a modified text diff document would never be freed.
  • Text diff view no longer preloads the unhighlighted text file, avoiding flicker.

New in version 1.0b10(21) (February 15th, 2008)

  • Improved the difference speed by using Altivec on PowerPC and SSE3 on Intel-based Macs.
  • Changes now detects changes in underlying file and will prompt to revert or keep edits.
  • Big revamp of the directory comparison view. Now preserves state and fixes a bunch of UI glitches.
  • Text difference view now has a preference to open in Different/Default mode.
  • Fixed undo bug when files are same in text diff view.
  • Tooltips added, updated, and improved.
  • Fixed default port bug in Server Connect panel.
  • Beta time limit pushed out to March 1st.
  • Added keystrokes to the directory comparison view for Quick Look and Open with Finder...
  • PgUp/PgDown, Home/End work as expected now in directory comparison view.
  • The Enter and Return keys will open a difference in the directory comparison view (equivalent to a double click).
  • Fixed a bunch of crashing bugs in the directory comparison view.

New in version 1.0b10(20) (February 6th, 2008)

  • Updated MacFuse support to 1.3.1.
  • Updated SSHFS FUSE plugin (SFTP support provider) to version 1.9.
  • Removed support for FTP, as the curlftpfs plugin is currently broken. Please use SFTP.

New in version 1.0b10(19) (February 4th, 2008)

  • Improved MacRoman text handling.
  • Improved text file sniffing in the text diff plugin.

New in version 1.0b10(16) (February 1st, 2008)

  • Crash on directory comparison refresh fixed.
  • Added path control for directory comparison view.
  • Added path control for text diff view.

New in version 1.0b10(12) (January 16th, 2008)

  • Fixed issue with text merging and blank sections.
  • Fixed crash on application quit.