BenchmarkSQl Changelog

New in version 4.1.0

March 14th, 2014
  • Upgrade to using JDK 7
  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL JDBC 4.1 version 1101 driver
  • Stop claiming to support DB2 (only Postgres & Oracle are well tested)

New in version 4.0.9 (September 12th, 2013)

  • use serial datatype as primary key for all tables

New in version 4.0.8 (August 1st, 2013)

  • Added id column as primary key to history table
  • Renamed schema to benchmarksql

New in version 4.0.6 (July 20th, 2013)

  • Changed log4j format to be more readable
  • Created the "benchmark" schema to contain all tables

New in version 2.3.2 (May 18th, 2009)

  • Tweaked a few of the scripts so that this now works better on the Mac and other *nixes. Also made it easier to test various other DB's.