Adobe Bridge SDK Changelog

New in version CS6 Build 001

January 16th, 2013
  • Added support for Smart Collections, including the following new methods: addSmartCollection(), getSmartCollections(), renameSmartCollection() and deleteSmartCollection().

New in version CS5 Build 001 (June 29th, 2010)

  • Document.stacks lets users add and maintain their own properties for a stack.
  • A new, optional parameter allows users to export full-size images to the cache folder when calling the buildFolderCache() method.
  • A new method in the App object, isProcessingJob(), reports whether Adobe Bridge is processing any jobs.
  • Bridge CS4 provided four mechanisms to display HTML. In CS5, only the custom palette method remains; using a TabbedPalette object is now the only way to display HTML.
  • The HTML Dialog object is no longer supported.
  • The property navbars.web of the Document class is no longer supported by Bridge CS5.
  • The property jsFuncs and the three methods execJS(), visitUrl() and print() have been removed in Bridge CS5.
  • Presentation mode no longer supports the HTML display mode.
  • The value of the position property in the Document object has changed.
  • The new property canBeChecked had been added to the MenuElement object.