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LAST UPDATE:April 5th 2013, 15:27 GMT

SMS (short for Short Message Service) messages are a common method of communication by sending written text messages using one's mobile phone

SMS senders are applications that will offer their users the possibility to write their messages and quickly send them to a mobile phone number.

Although one can send some of these messages free of charge, some of these apps could ask one to register after sending a limited number of SMSs.

Also, users need to check the app's settings before sending their SMSs to make sure they are correctly configured.

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X-Lite 4.7.0 Build 73588

A powerful and cross-platform VoIP softphone for SIP networks featuring standard-definition voice ...

September 17th, 09:23 GMT

Esmska 1.7.0

Open source program for sending SMS over the Internet

July 5th, 08:48 GMT

Send SMS 2.6

A Dashboard widget to send an SMS messages

June 23rd, 03:11 GMT

Send SMS Address Book Plugin 2.5

A SMS sender integrated in your Address Book.

September 29th, 13:38 GMT

Send SMS Yahoo! Widget 1.8

A Dashboard widget that lets you send text message (SMS) to any mobile

September 29th, 14:06 GMT

CallWave SMS Widget 1.5

CallWave SMS Widget - Send free text messages anywhere in the USA and Canada

July 14th, 11:29 GMT


Personal SMS gateway made easy

November 3rd, 16:08 GMT

Luscious SMS 2.1.1

Quickly and easily send SMSs over various gateways

March 24th, 14:36 GMT

attenzoSMS 3.2.2

Bulk SMS application with social networks integration

January 10th, 17:49 GMT

message2net phone 1.2.4

message2net phone - SMS and phoneboook

August 7th, 08:30 GMT