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A handy and practical application that helps you copy music, podcasts, movies, tv shows and audiobooks from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Mac's hard disk

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Music Liberator is a simple to use and intuitive OS X application designed to provide you with all the tools needed to quickly and effortlessly transfer a large variety of multimedia content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to your Mac's hard drive.

No-frills and dependable iOS to Mac media transfer tool that makes it very fast and easy to import media and metadata to your iTunes library

Music Liberator comes with a minimal and user-friendly interface that comes with step-by-step directions for copying your music to your hard drive and importing your playlists to your iTunes Library.

Moreover, with the help of the Music Liberator utility, you can easily backup your music or transfer it to other computers using just a few mouse clicks.

Furthermore, Music Liberator enables you to rapidly import your playlists, ratings, play counts and other related data to your the iTunes library on your Mac.

Once you connect your iOS device, you will be able to choose between an Easy and an Advanced mode, the first being recommended for most users and the second only for experienced OS X users.

Fast and streamlined iOS multimedia transfer

When choosing to copy your multimedia files to your Mac via the Easy mode, you will be presented with a list of all media content found on the iOS device and the choice of copying them to the hard drive or importing to iTunes.

In advanced mode, users can view the contents of their iOS device like they would by using the Finder, the files being organized as multimedia documents (music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and books) and playlists via the app’s sidebar.

What’s more, you can quickly sort all found files and playlists based on their ratings, artist, album or the song name and size with a simple mouse click on their corresponding column title.

Handy and robust iOS to Mac media transfer tool

On the whole, the Music Liberator app makes it very easy and straightforward to effortlessly copy your audio content from any iOS device to your Mac’s storage media. As an added bonus, the Easy and Advanced workflow modes make sure that the app remains simple to use and still offers powerful enough tools, insofar as user experience is involved.

Music Liberator was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 11th, 2015
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