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User intuitive OS X app designed to provide you with a simple way to painlessly copy songs, playlists, albums or even your entire music library from your iOS device back to your Mac

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Nowadays, portable devices are a must-have if you want a music and video player that is simple to use and that makes it very easy to get access to new content using a built-in delivery platform.

Apple's devices, the iPod and the iPhone, are some of the best in this category mainly because they help you buy any new song or movie with just a touch of a button, via the integrated iTunes Store.

Simple to use and streamlined tool for synchronizing your iTunes song library rapidly and easily

Once you've got such a gadget, things will get a little bit complicated if you also want to copy the songs and videos from your Mac onto your iPhone or iPod.

Although Apple has integrated its own free iOS device manager within OS X, namely iTunes, capable of synchronizing your entire music library with a mouse click, it wasn't designed to only transfer music from your device to your Mac.

There are other such tools though, designed with this exact goal in mind: to enable their users to painlessly copy their songs, playlists, albums or even their entire library back to their Macs. One such utility is Senuti, an OS X app that features an intuitive user interface and provides you with a simple way to perform such tasks, following a very simple procedure.

Makes it a cinch to manage your music library and copy it between your devices in a snap

Senuti allows you to copy your files back top your Mac's hard drive, to any folder of your choice and to automatically add them to your iTunes library, without any intervention on your part. Additionally, it can also be setup to skip the songs added to your iTunes library if they're already on the computer.

Furthermore, Senuti is also capable of copying selected parts of your music files' metadata, depending on how many information you need regarding your songs.

Powerful yet easy to use app designed top make it a breeze to manage your music

One other very nice feature is its ability to play the files from your iPhone or iPod, in order to preview them before transferring them to your hard drive. What's more, Senuti can also copy any playlist you've created on your device to your Mac with a simple drag and drop, so that you will always have your tracks organized in the same way, on both your desktop and your portable device.

On the whole, Senuti is an application that will make your life a lot easier if you own an iPod or an iPhone and you constantly find yourself in the situation of having to copy songs or playlists back to your Mac.

Senuti was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
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