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A server software that accompanies the Mobile Mouse application for iOS / Android and enables you to transform your iPhone and iPod touch into a remote controller for your Mac

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We are a society that dwells in comfort and, thus, the remote control for our TVs was born. Following the footsteps of the same idea, the Mobile Mouse Server was born.

Mobile Mouse Server is an OS X application that enables one to instantly transform their iPhone and iPad, into a motion based mouse, trackpad, or wireless remote for their Mac.

Sit back and relax while using your iDevices as remote controllers for your Mac

Furthermore, Mobile Mouse Server has a streamlined user interface and works by integrating itself into your OS X status bar, thus providing easy-access to all of the app’s set of functions.

Moreover, users can choose the pointer speed and the accelerometer’s level of sensitivity by selecting an exact type of remote device that they prefer, either a classic mouse or a trackpad.

Control in-app functions and features with a few taps on the screen, with the help of designated hot-keys

In addition, for enhanced control, Mobile Mouse Server offers you the option of designating hot-keys for specific actions which will further aid you into using your remote device to control your Mac as you need to.

For example, with the help of assignable buttons, users can control iTunes, Spotify, VLC media player, Power Point, Keynote, browse the web or perform certain actions on Facebook, all with just a few simple taps.

Harness the power of two devices, a keyboard and a mouse, all made possible using Mobile Mouse Server

All things taken into consideration, the Mobile Mouse Server utility really puts the power into the user’s hands by enabling the use of iDevices as remote controllers, for little money, considering the applicability in read life potential it shows.

Mobile Mouse Server was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
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