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Free MarsEdit AppleScript for generating HTML footnotes





Among other features, MarsEdit offers support for AppleScript and intelligent macros using what it calls Text Markup. Combining these two features offers users advanced tools for speeding up their workflow.

In the case of footnotes, you can use a combination of AppleScript and Text Markup to reduce the process to two simple steps.

What the “Create Footnote” AppleScript does:
· Check if MarsEdit has a post window open
· If no post window is open, return an error message
· Check if post window contains a text selection
· If no text is selected, return an error
· Store the selection as a variable
· Store the date and time as a unique identifier
· Replace the selected text with unique link and identifier
· Update clipboard with unique identifier and return link

Further details on how to use the Create Footnote AppleScript with MarsEdit are available HERE.
Last updated on December 22nd, 2009

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