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A handy and practical iPhone application designed to help you hide, filter and protect your SMS conversations and call history






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Pysl is a full-features iOS application that enables you to hide and protect your call and SMS history.

Pysl features a user-friendly interface from which you can set-up a blacklist along with a whitelist and configure the notification settings.

By using Pysl, you can easily filter, hide and protect your private conversations using a user-definable password.

After setting up a blacklist and a whitelist, all your filtered messages are stored and hidden in a password protected area.

For each contact you have three options that you can easily turn on or off with just a finger swipe.

The SMS STOP feature helps you hide and store all text messages received from the chosen contact.

By enabling the SMS DELETE feature, you will hide and delete all SMS without saving them in your SMS history.

The third option, CALL STOP, enables you to hide hide all calls from the selected contact and save them in the password protected area.

Pysl allows you to add contacts to the white or black list from your call or SMS list or simply from your Address Book.
Last updated on May 10th, 2009

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