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A server Mac OS X application that is able to communicate with its iOS counterpart and allows you to quickly transfer photos captured with your iPhone to your Mac.

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Instantly transferring images captured with you iOS device to your Mac can come in pretty handy. RemoteSnap is a simple status bar menu app for the Mac OS X that is able to do just that.

RemoteSnap is the server side of a system designed to help you push the images taken with your iPhone directly to your Mac.

To get things started you must have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and launch the RemoteSnap app on your Mac and the RemoteSnap Wireless Photo Transmit app on your mobile device.

Take into account that you will have to use the RemoteSnap Wireless Photo Transmit iOS app to capture the images, and not the default iOS: you cannot apply filters or other adjustments.

Once the photo is snapped, RemoteSnap Wireless Photo Transmit will connect to the server app and the picture will be placed in the default images folder on your Mac. When the transfer is complete, you can see a thumbnail of the image below the RemoteSnap status bar icon.

Of course, you can change the location of the image directory via the RemoteSnap Settings panel. You can test the entire setting free of charge by installing the RemoteSnap Free app (RemoteSnap Wireless Photo Transmit is a commercial app) on the iOS side but keep in mind that the image will be watermarked with the RemoteSnap logo.

To sum up, the RemoteSnap server allows you to connect with its iOS counterpart and is able to automatically transfer images from your mobile device to your Mac as long as you are using the RemoteSnap Wireless Photo Transmit app to capture them.

The Dropbox for iOS app can represent an alternative for this system and allows you to use the default iOS camera to capture the images. The difference is that RemoteSnap performs the transfer using your Wi-Fi network without uploading your photos to third party servers.

RemoteSnap was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
RemoteSnap - From the RemoteSnap main menu you can access the Settings window and change the image folder location and more.RemoteSnap - Below the RemoteSnap status bar icon you can view a thumbnail for the recently transferred image.

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