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Extract unformatted bibliographic references from email alerts, journal web pages, and PDF files






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cb2Bib is a program that reads the clipboard text contents and process it against a set of predefined patterns.

If this automatic detection is successful, cb2Bib formats the clipboard data according to the structured BibTeX reference standard.

Otherwise, if no predefined format pattern is found or if detection proves to be difficult, manual data extraction is greatly simplified by cb2Bib. In most cases, such manual data extraction will provide with a new, personalized pattern to be included within the predefined pattern set for future automatic extractions.

Once the bibliographic reference is correctly extracted, it is added to a specified BibTeX database file. Optionally, article PDF files, if available, are renamed to its citeID and moved to a desired directory as a personal article library.
Last updated on November 5th, 2012
cb2Bib - You can view the main interface of the program here.cb2Bib - You can search in files from this panel.cb2Bib - Options are available in this panel.cb2Bib - You can configure all the options in this panel.

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