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A lightweight, simple, clean and intuitive word processor that helps you write, edit and preview your text based documents from within a minimalistic interface

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WriteKit is a straightforward Mac OS X application that provides basic text editing tools, which you can use to take notes and edit text documents.

Minimalistic word processor for everyday use

WriteKit features a simple and uncluttered interface from which you can quickly open an exiting text document or create your own. The top toolbar helps you create or open a file, save your work and change the text formatting using the Bold, Italic and Underline.

On top of that, WriteKit helps you change the text alignment and keep track of the number of words and characters you have written so far. When your work is completed, you can print it or share it via Email with just a few clicks of a mouse click.

Format and align your text according to your needs

As mentioned above, you can open any text file in WriteKit or paste your text from another application or text editor. Unfortunately, WriteKit is not able to receive text from all existing text editors and you might encounter problems when trying to copy text snippets from apps such as TextEdit or Smultron.

This incompatibility issue, encountered during the testing period, might push prospective buyers away. However, if you need to write your documents from scratch, you can take advantage of the provided formatting options presented earlier.

When it comes to saving your work, you’ll encounter another problem that can prove to be rather annoying. The Save function works as “Save as” and, as a result, you have to provide a name and file path for your work every time you try to save it.

Take advantage of a distraction-free environment and focus on your work

On the bright side, WriteKit offers a distraction-free environment that you can enjoy by enabling the fullscreen mode. All other applications are automatically hidden in the background and the entire screen is occupied by WriteKit. We would have appreciated the fullscreen mode even more if the text editing area was capable to expand together with the app interface.

In conclusion, WriteKit presents itself as a light and intuitive text editing application that, unfortunately, is also light when it comes to features and text editing capabilities. Hopefully, future updates will fix the above mentioned issues, add new features and turn WriteKit into a word processor worthy of its price tag.

WriteKit was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
WriteKit - From WriteKit's main window you can easily write your text, make changes and check your work.WriteKit - For a distraction-free environment you can enable the full screen mode.

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