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A reliable and well-crafted cross-platform utility that allows you to easily take notes and sync them with iOS devices via Dropbox

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Write for Mac is a modern and intuitive word processing application which enables you to write documents that are automatically saved to your Dropbox account. It also enables you to manage your document folders and export / share your notes in various ways.

The app comes with a well designed user interface comprised of three panes, one for accessing your folders and tags, the second for browsing the actual text files and the third where you can freely write anything down.

By default, Write for Mac creates a “Write” subfolder in your Dropbox folder where all your notes will be stored. In case you do not have Dropbox installed, notes will be stored in the selected folders on your local disk.

Furthermore, writing a note is incredibly simple. You will first give a name to your note and then start typing the main body of text. As far as formatting is concerned, you can only change the font type and size and line spacing. What’s more, there are 3 writing modes: rich text, plain text or hybrid.

Although it lacks most formatting options, each font is beautiful and writing something might be a more rewarding experience compared to the feel of standard word processors. Also, the documents that are most important to you can be tagged as ‘favorite’ and will appear in the Favorites folder.

In addition to this, you can assign any number of tags to each note and then access notes based on tags from the left pane. As mentioned, you can interact with a note by copying its text, exporting as PDF or RTF, emailing it in various forms and printing it.

To sum up, Write for Mac looks like a promising note taking application with Dropbox integration, which helps you keep your notes always in sync with other platforms. The app delivers plenty of great functions, even though it is still in Beta development.

Write for Mac was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Write for Mac - From the main window, you can access your notes and edit them or create new ones and save or export them.Write for Mac - By accessing the preferences menu, you can set the font size and family, line spacing and formatting mode.Write for Mac - The sharing options include exporting as RTF or PDF, printing or emailing the note in several formats.

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