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A collection of easy to use and highly efficient services that will quickly integrate within your system in order to help you deal with text in a more streamlined manner.

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The Mac OS X Services functionality offers you the possibility to extend the system’s capabilities by integrated third party services designed to deal with specific tasks. WordService is a minimalist Mac app that installs a collection of text related services that will be available system wide.

Effortlessly integrate word processing related services and take advantage of their capabilities system wide

Upon launch, the WordService application installs the included services collection to your Mac, and you will be able to see the complete items list by opening the System Preferences window and navigating to the Shortcuts tab included in the Keyboard panel.

Some of the included services come with predefined keyboard shortcuts, that can be changed, while other can be accessed by default only via the contextual menu. The included functions will be available system wide, but you can use them only if conditions specific to each functions are met.

Improve your overall productivity by streamlining text processing tasks

The WordService functions can be employed to reform paragraphs (decode / encode tabs), to clean up the text content (remove multiple spaces, quotes, trim line endings or beginnings, and so on), to remove certain elements or to insert specific data (date and time for example), or even to extract statistics.

To know which of the WordService tools you can use in a specific situation, simply activate the contextual menu: the entires will either be placed under the Services menu, or will be displayed separately in the main panel.

Extend your text processing capabilities system wide, regardless of the app you are using

WordService quickly integrates a collection of efficient services to your Mac in order to help you deal with repetitive text editing tasks in a more efficient manner. The good news is that the services are available as an integrated part of your system, so you will be able to use them for any text content, regardless of the host application.

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Last updated on July 21st, 2014
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