WPMacAPP for Mac

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Allows you to run WordPerfect on modern, Intel based Macs




WPMacAPP is an application that allows its users to emulate WordPerfect for Classic Macintosh on modern systems.

WPMacAPP provides the most important WordPerfect features right on your desktop.

You can write texts, modify them with ease as well as access the more advanced features like thesaurus and dictionary.

WPMacAPP also includes third party enhancements that bring more stability to WordPerfect.

NOTE: More information on how to use WPMacAPP is available HERE.
Last updated on May 8th, 2013
WPMacAPP - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to write or edit text files.WPMacAPP - The application allows you to add as many toolbars as you need in your work process.WPMacAPP - From the Insert menu users can add column breaks, indents, symbols as well as date and time.WPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPPWPMacAPP

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