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User friendly and easy to use text editor that provides support for syntax coloring, regex search, line numbering, code snippets, and more.

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There is no shortage of simple and user friendly text processing utilities, so finding the right one that matches all your day to day text handling requirements can prove to be rather challenging.

Tincta Pro is the more advanced version of the Tincta word processor that is featuring a minimalist and intuitive user interface, line numbering support, and syntax coloring patterns for more than 60 programming languages.

Clean and organized text editor that can be used when developing code in different languages

The Tincta Pro user interface is represented by one main window that provides access to most of its functions. The toolbar placed on top of the window provides buttons for frequently used features: create new document, open / close / save file, open in browser, or search.

The same area also enables you to choose the syntax coloring you want to apply to your current document. To help you navigate between documents, Tincta Pro comes with a small panel placed on the left side that includes a list with all opened projects, but also enables you to browse entire folders.

Streamlines your daily workflow by implementing efficient text management tools

On top of the basic Tincta capabilities, the Tincta Pro version is sporting a collection of easy to use tools designed to help you manage data in a more efficient manner: a split view that enables you to compare the content of 2 different documents, the file browser that can be used to preview and open files in no time, a more powerful regex search, and a snippet manager.

Moreover, the Tincta Pro snippet manager integrates the Zen Coding engine, which means that you will be able to quickly integrate HTML tags. The best part is that you can also use the Zen Engine for the newly defined code snippets.

Tincta Pro was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Tincta Pro - From Tincta Pro's main window you will be able to open, close, save or create new text files.Tincta Pro - The Transformations sub-menu enables you to capitalize, make lower or upper case your text according to your needs.Tincta Pro - By accessing the Zen embedded sub-menu you can embed various files like images, figures, audio or video files within your project.Tincta Pro - screenshot #4Tincta Pro - screenshot #5Tincta Pro - screenshot #6Tincta Pro - screenshot #7

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