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Well organized and easy to use Markdown editor that enables you to quickly add markups to your document in an intuitive, visual manner.

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The Markdown syntax enables you to quickly format your plain text by using different tags: this way, you can easily convert the file to HTML in no time. Texts is a minimalist and intuitive Mac app that provides support for editing Markdown files.

User friendly markdown editor featuring a clean user interface

The Texts main window is represented by the document panel: the window does not include any distractions, as buttons and other tools, and you can effortlessly switch it to full screen mode. To use any of the included features you must use keyboard shortcuts or the top menus.

For your convenience, the app provides a Welcome document that presents basic notions and review some of the most important features. In addition, you can visit the Support area at the developer’s website and read the popular postings.

Create Markdown documents without having to memorize the markup

Within the Texts document window, you can easily make markups without actually writing the code: via the top menus you can easily add footnotes, hyperlinks, images, or tables. At the same time, you can add headings, make lists, insert code/math/quotation blocks, format the text, and so on.

Moreover, Texts is able to count words and characters, and includes multiple interface themes. Last but not least, you have the option to activate the top window toolbar, which includes buttons for frequently used features.

Uncomplicated but efficient visual Markdown editor

Texts is a great tool to have around if you need to format documents using Markdown, without having to memorize all the markup commands: simply select the element you want to include, or the formatting style you want to apply, and Texts takes care of the rest.

To conclude, if you are looking for a Markdown editor that can produce high quality documents while remaining user friendly, Texts certainly deserves your attention.

Texts was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 1st, 2015
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