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User-oriented text editor that helps you write code using over 90 different programming languages via a simple and clean interface

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Textadept is a minimalist, extensible and highly customizable text editor that comes with a sleek and uncluttered user interface.

Smooth-running, lightweight and reliable text editor for programmers

From Textadept’s main window you can instantly open, edit or start writing your text based documents or even edit your source code.

With Textadept’s help you can edit well over 90 different programming languages and you even have the option to compile and run simple source files when necessary.

Moreover, you can open and work with multiple files in different tabs while the Edit menu helps you duplicate lines, match brace, highlight and complete words, toggle block comment, join lines and make various selections.

Take advantage of the advanced search feature and quickly find and replace text

Thanks to the advanced built-in search function you can find and replace words and code snippets and even jump to the desired line with just a couple of mouse clicks and keystrokes.

By accessing the Tools menu, you can take advantage of the command Entry feature, as well as run, compile, build your code, find errors and insert the desired snippet with ease. At the same time, you can change the text encoding and indentation via the Buffer menu.

In addition, Textadept enables you to split the main window into multiple vertical or horizontal panels and increase or shrink their size accordingly. You also have the option to zoom in or out and toggle the Wrap Mode, Whitespace, Virtual Space and “Show Indent Guides”.

Choose the preferred theme and focus on your code

Furthermore, Textadept comes with different themes that you can use to customize its looks and feel. You can choose between a light, dark and terminal theme.

Textadept allows you to define key bindings for almost every action and, as a result, you have the option to reassign existing biddings in order to create new ones. It is worth mentioning that keys can be chained together or grouped into language-specific keys and key modes.

Textadept was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
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