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A free, open-source and cross-platform LaTeX editor that provides the necessary tools and features to load, edit and create documents

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TeXMaker is a modern, cross-platform LaTeX editor that features an built-in PDF viewer, as well as numerous editing tools required for the creating LaTeX  documents.

Reliable LaTeX editor with code folding and auto-completion capabilities

LaTeX is a flexible markup language, mainly used for the communication and publication of scientific papers in fields such as physics, mathematics, economics, computer science and political science.

With TeXMaker’s help you can easily generate a new document, a letter or tabular environment, create tables, figure environments and export your LaTeX document to HMTL or ODT files.

Moreover, TeXMaker comes with unicode support, auto-completion features, built-in spell checker, built-in PDF viewer, code folding, synctex support and a continuous viewing mode.

Take advantage of the large collection of mathematical symbols that you can use in your documents

From TeXMaker’s main window you can easily insert and add LaTex tags and various mathematical symbols with just a few clicks of a mouse button. Moreover, you can define an unlimited number of snippets with keyboard triggers.

TeXMaker is fully unicode and features support for a wide variety of encodings while the spell checker  checks your spelling as you type. The code completion function makes it easy to type in main LaTeX commands while typing while the code folding feature allows you to collapse “\part”, “\section”, “\chapter”, “\begin{foo}” as well as  “\end{foo}” blocks.

Handy live preview and structure view panels

What is more, TeXMaker’s “structure view” is automatically updates as you type and you can always enable the “master mode” to work on document separated in several files.

As mentioned above, TeXMaker enables you to preview PDF file and continuously scroll through the pages. In addition, TeXMaker offers a collection of over 370 mathematical symbols that you can insert in your document with ease.

TeXMaker was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 28th, 2014

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