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A great Mac OS X application that provides access to a typewriter that recreates the writing from old Slavonic church books and documents.

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Designed to help you recreate the writing style of old Slavonic church books and documents using your Mac, PISMO is a small but beautiful application that will prove useful if you need to work with the glagolitic alphabet.

Before launching the PISMO application you must install the two fonts that are included in the app package: RM_Pismo.ttf and TITUSCBZ.TTF. All you have to do is double click the font file and the Font Book app will open automatically two preview window for each font: simply press the “Install Font” buttons and the app takes care of the rest.

When you launch PISMO, the application prompts you about the text entry type you want to use: traditional, phonetic or glagolitic. The choice can be quickly changed from the PISMO main window.

The PISMO user interface is very organized and intuitive but also has a stylish design. In the top area of the main window you can view the typewriter buttons and the associated characters while on the bottom you can view the typed text.

Moreover, PISMO includes modifier keys (Shift and Alt) and allows you to easily adjust the font size. Via the Fonts drop down menu you can also change the font style. Last but not least, PISMO provides support for copying, pasting, clearing or locking the text.

PISMO gives you the possibility to write slavonic text using diacritics, extra glalolitic characters, provides support for the Bulgarian or US phonetic layouts and more. The best part is that you can easily import HTML or RTF documents, edit them in no time and then quickly export the results to another RTF or HTML file.

To sum up, PISMO is a great if you are looking for an application that can deal with the old Slavonic writing and also comes with a beautiful, typewriter styled design.

PISMO was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
PISMOPISMO - In the PISMO initial panel you can easily select the text entry type you want to start with.PISMO - In the PISMO main window you can easily input text, adjust the font size and more.PISMO - PISMO also provides support for using extra glagolitic characters.PISMO

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