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A comprehensive Mac OS X application that enables you to create and edit mathematical equations and export them to different formats

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MathMagic Personal Edition is a highly versatile and cross-platform application that enables you to write, edit and distribute any mathematical expression. The utility provides support for tons of math symbols and formats.

Well organized user interface covering extensive equation editing capabilities

When opening MathMagic Personal Edition for the first time, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of panes, toolbars, and buttons. However, if you are familiar with math symbols, you probably will learn how to use the app rather quickly.

The user interface is comprised, thus, of multiple windows and toolbars: the main toolbar, user item toolbar and the Clips, Color, Nudge and Size Info windows. The advantage is that you can quickly show/hide each window from the View menu.

Effortlessly insert any math symbol and combine them to create complex equations

The greatest advantage of using MathMagic Personal Edition is its support for all existing math symbol that you can use in your sheet with just a click. The symbol categories can be viewed from the top toolbar. To add a symbol, browse it from the drop-down panels and click on it.

In addition to this, MathMagic Personal Edition supports numerous fonts that will be installed on your Mac. In order to help you publish high-end documents, the app offers Postscript, TrueType, as well as OpenType fonts that can be selected like any standard font.

Export the equations to numerous formats and use them with third party apps

Another powerful feature consists of copying math expressions in various ways: as PDF, PNG, MathML, AMS LaTeX, Plain TeX, MediaWiki, Speech Text, Wolfram|Alpha, AsciiMath, Google Docks equation or as Zoho equations and then paste them into their respective service.

Versatile math editor that provides extensive support for advanced learners

On the whole, MathMagic Personal Edition is a well-rounded equation editor with support for all existing math expressions. The app comes with tons of editing options and support for external applications.

MathMagic Personal Edition was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
MathMagic Personal Edition - In the MathMagic Personal Edition main window you can easily view and edit your equations, change the color of different elements, and moreMathMagic Personal Edition - The MathMagic Personal Edition application allows you to export your equations as image files, or to other popular file formatsMathMagic Personal Edition - In the MathMagic Personal Edition View menu you can easily adjust the zoom level, and choose the type of information you want to seeMathMagic Personal Edition - Via the MathMagic Personal Edition Styles menu you get to quickly change your equation's style and apply various TeX stylesMathMagic Personal Edition - MathMagic Personal Edition integrates various text formatting capabilities and you get to change the text alignment, spacing, and moreMathMagic Personal Edition - In the MathMagic Personal Edition Preferences window you get to adjust the spacing templates for various functionsMathMagic Personal Edition - MathMagic Personal Edition offers you the possibility to adjust the default formatting style by changing the fonts used in each caseMathMagic Personal Edition - You have the option to modify the predefined MathMagic Personal Edition auto spacing to match your own needsMathMagic Personal Edition - MathMagic Personal Edition enables you to choose the types of symbol designs you want to integrate in your projectsMathMagic Personal Edition - You get to adjust the MathMagic Personal Edition behavior by changing the cursor movement order, or the auto save and recovery rulesMathMagic Personal Edition - MathMagic Personal Edition integrates extensive import and export capabilities and you have the possibility to tune up both procedures

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