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Screenwriting software for Mac OS X designed to help you work on motion picture screenplays, stage plays, or television sitcoms or dramas

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Screenplays require special formatting to be easier to read and understand, but that can take a lot of time without the proper tools.

Fade In is a Mac OS X application that aims to simplify the screenplays writing process by providing formatting templates that can be applied with a simple mouse click. The app can deal with screenplays, stage plays, or TV sitcoms or dramas.

Start working on your screenplays in a clean and organized environment

The application offers you the possibility to start developing a project from scratch, but it can also import content from files created by other screenplays editors.

Fade In provides support for the following file formats: .astx, .celtx, .fdx, .fdr, .txt, .fountain, .html, .rtf, .pdf, .scriv, and .xml.

Within the app’s main window, the main area is reserved for the writing page, while on the right side you can view the formatting templates, the characters and locations lists, and more. Fade In also comes with a navigator that can help you jump to different sections of your play.

To keep distractions away, the Fade In window can be resized to cover the entire screen, even though it does not come with native full-screen support.

Packs efficient tools designed to deal with your screenwriting needs

Fade In is focused on providing the writing and rewriting tools necessary when working on this type of projects, without making you deal with complex workflows.

Besides the elementary text processing tools, the application can also handle scene, page, or dialogues numbering, provides different color codes for revisions, allows you to omit certain scenes, and can even generate writing reports.

The best part is that you can export your screenplay as a Fade In project file and import it in the app’s mobile version for iOS or Android. This way, you get to work on your play even when you are on the go. Furthermore, Fade In also comes with Dropbox integration for cloud storage.

Fade In was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 7th, 2015
Fade In - The Fade In main window where you can apply different formatting templates to your text in order to streamline the creation processFade In - The Fade In application automatically keeps track of your characters and offers you the possibility to apply different sorting criteriaFade In - Within the Fade In application you can also create a list with all the locations used in your screen playFade In - Fade In can also help you create scene intros, add scene times, character extensions, and transitionsFade In - To streamline the screenplay writing process, Fade In is able to import content from various file formats used by third party appsFade In - Fade In also allows you to quickly export your projects to file formats that can be easily shared online, or processed further in other appsFade In - screenshot #7Fade In - screenshot #8Fade In - The Fade In Preferences window where you can choose the default format for newly created documents, the automatic backup frequency, and moreFade In - screenshot #10Fade In - screenshot #11

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