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A clean and organized note taking application that resembles the classic notebook design and can be used to store or edit text clippings and more.

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Notes taking applications are extremely useful when you need to store frequently used text clippings or if you are looking for an easily accessible space to write down your ideas. Quick Note is a small utility that can be a good companion in both situations.

The Quick Note main window is the digital representation of a classic paper notebook with a black leather styled toolbar and yellow, lined pages.

In the top left corner of the Quick Note window you can view the button that activates the List Panel and the one that creates a new note. The rest of the window displays the notebook “page”, hence is the area where you get to input the text.

Of course, each note has a title: initially it uses the first sentence in your entry, but you can change the title at any time. In addition, beneath each entry, you will be able to see when it has been modified for the last time.

Quick Note enables you to store your notes locally, to export them to a text document or to share them by email. What’s more, if you have and active Diigo account, you get to sync your notes online.

All you have to do is input your credentials in the Account window and select the appropriate entry from the drop down menu placed on top of the List panel.

You can sign up to a Diigo account within the application but keep in mind that the free plan has certain limitations: 1000 highlights per year and 30 total cached pages. Of course, you can always decide to upgrade your Diigo account.

All in all, Quick Note is a simple application that comes with a beautiful, realistic design and can be used successfully to store and manage text notes.

Quick Note was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
Quick Note - In the Quick Note main window you can choose to create new notes and store them locally or on diigo.comQuick Note - From the Quick Note File menu you can choose to send your notes by email or export them to a text document.Quick Note - From the Quick Note Preferences window you can easily enables the check spelling functions and more.Quick Note - screenshot #4

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