Daily Jotter for Mac

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A lightweight and very easy-to-use application specially designed to help you create and manage your daily notes from within a clean interface

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Daily Jotter is a simple and practical note-taking application that enables you to store your daily notes along with your text snippets in a virtual paper book.

Daily Jotter comes with a simple and user-friendly interface from which you can easily write down notes, text fragments and store photos and information that you can easily access later on. What is more, Daily Jotter provides a new page every day and allows you to access and browse through your notes based on the day they were written and saved.

The top toolbar helps you navigate from one day to another by using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons. In addition, you can easily access the Entries tab and view all your notes based on the selected month and ear. You can even use the built-in search feature to find the desired note or text snippet.

Thanks to the “Today” button, you can instantly return to the page assigned for today’s notes. The bottom status bar helps you keep track of the number of words you typed so far and compare it to the “Daily target word count” that you can define from within the Preferences window.

You can change the font, size and color, insert pictures and export or print one or multiple entries with just a couple of mouse clicks. Daily Jotter also comes with auto-save features and is designed for fast start up and easy text control.

All in all, Daily Jotter is a clean and intuitive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to take notes and organize them according to the day in which you wrote them.

Daily Jotter was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
Daily Jotter - The Find feature helps you find and replace words and text snippets in seconds.Daily Jotter - You can easily chance the text font, color and size according to your preferences.Daily Jotter - By accessing the Entries tab, you can view all your entries in a simple list.

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