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A versatile and powerful word processor that features a minimalistic look, a distraction-free interface and numerous tools designed to keep you focused on your work

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Clean Writer Pro is a no-frills text editor that enables you to focus on your writing and avoid any other distraction.

Clean Writer Pro is designed to offer just the necessary features and only when you need them. Keeping complex options and eliminating all distraction, Clean Writer Pro allows you to improve your productivity, increase your writing speed and boost your creativity. All extra options such as font change, paragraph alignment and advanced formatting are all hidden from sight and, as a result, you can focus on your work.

The Paragraph focus mode helps you stay focused on the paragraph you are currently writing by fading away all surrounding paragraphs. What is more, Clean Writer Pro comes with a Markdown preview window that enables you to preview your work and convert it it to HTML using Markdown syntax.

You can also convert the current file to HTML and copy the result to your Mac’s clipboard by accessing Markdown-to-HTML copy via the Edit menu. The generated result can be easily pasted on your website, email or blog.

Thanks to the live counters located at the bottom of the window you can view the number of characters, words, hard line and the current line number and keep track of your text length. What is more, you can even use the fullscreen mode to take advantage of your Mac’s entire screen.

On top of that, Clean Writer Pro comes with auto-save and versioning features that will make sure you will never lose ideas or your work. By using Clean Writer Pro, you can also load, read and edit plain text, RTF and HTML files.

From the Preferences window you can switch between the available themes, adjust the page width, paragraph line height and first line indent. You can also enable or disable the Paragraphs Fade Mode feature and change the document font.

To sum up, Clean Writer Pro is a lightweight and very easy-to-use text editor designed to help you focus on your work and avoid other distractions.

Clean Writer Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 16th, 2013
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