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Allow OS X users to easily write down important text notes and keep them safe with the help of an inbuilt password protection mechanism

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iNotepad is a straight forward application designed to help you create and manage text notes in a clean and organized environment. The app provides basic text editing and management tools: save/copy/paste, you can change the font style, color, size and more.

Furthermore, iNotepad enables you to set up a password for each document: whenever someone tries to open the database, the user defined password is required. The feature is easily accessible via the File menu.

By default, each time you launch iNotepad, the app will display the start-up panel where you can view the recently edited documents. If you choose to disable the panel, you can access the latest processed documents from the File menu.

The iNotepad interface is quite easy to use: a sidebar allows you to browse the notes by category, but you can easily disable it and view/edit the entries in slideshow mode. Other options include the possibility to change the font color and style, to check the spelling of your text or to send the data directly to the printer.

iNotepad includes a search bar that will help you find specific terms used in your entries. Take into account that the app performs the search only within the currently selected category. Due to the Regular Expression algorithm, iNotepad will also display entries that contain only a part of the searched expression: you do not have to know the exact term.

All in all, iNotepad provides a simple and organized environment for storing your ideas while the extensive drag and drop capabilities make the app extremely easy to use.

iNotepad was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 10th, 2015

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