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A simple OS X desktop application that allows you to add eye-catching trails to your mouse cursor from a collection of 17 designs

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iCursor is a fun Mac OS X application developed for entertainment purposes that adds beautiful trails to your mouse cursor. The application provides no more than 17 different trail models which can be easily switched via a menu bar panel.

Each trail is fluid, animated, beautiful and is made of various substances and colors: violet, red, pink, black / white, red and more. Although there are many colors to choose from, the trails are highly dynamic and follow your cursor at every move.

Some of the trails you can use include: Quantum, Meteor Cascade, Black Powder, Comet, Propeller, Snow, Soap, Hearts and Big Balls. The great part is that iCursor offers a tiny preview picture to the left of each trail, so you know what to expect.

Furthermore, some magic trails might really spam your screen with magic dust, bubbles, balls, snow and what not. What’s more, if you do not move the mouse cursor for a few seconds, the area below it will get covered in dense particles.

When that happens, the application provides a simple and efficient solution, which is the ability to temporarily pause the trail effects by clicking the corresponding item in the app’s system bar menu.

In summary, iCursor is an app just for users who are bored with the typical OS X mouse cursor. It offers plenty of cursor trail models and each of them is beautifully designed. On top of this, the app can be paused / resumed at any time.

iCursor was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 15th, 2014
iCursor - You will be able to add various effects to the mouse cursor.iCursor - Choose between multiple trail styles or pause the app from the status bar menu.iCursor - Let bubbles lighten up the mood on your desktop.

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