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Retina friendly, gorgeous looking and highly realistic 3D pond with swimming koi fish swarming around on your Mac's desktop

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Animated wallpapers are the thing you need if you're the sort of person that gets bored of the same desktop background very easily and Koi Pond 3D has been created with this exact goal: to keep you entertained while you go through your daily tasks and to make your desktop worthy of a second look.

Koi fish are a variety of carp bread to make ponds and aquariums a lot more pleasant to the human eye and to induce a state of relaxation when one needs it most.

Animated koi carps aquarium for your desktop

The Koi Pond 3D has been made from scratch to display a realistic 3D water pond on your desktop, filled with swimming koi fish that make your Mac's desktop background easier on the eyes and a lot more exciting to look at.

In addition, the Koi Pond 3D app features multi-monitor support and will allow you to choose what monitors should display the koi pond. Thus, you can set to run on any connected external display and keep a static wallpaper your main one to avoid having to learn how to ignore passing fish between your apps' windows.

Ear pleasing audio soundtrack and inbuilt screensaver mode

Moreover, Koi Pond 3D also comes with an original matching sound track and with a variety of sound effects designed to make its virtual koi pond feel even more real and immersive.

Koi Pond 3D also features a screensaver mode that will keep your Mac's display busy while you're away and your friends or colleagues leering at your screen when you're not around.

What's more, Koi Pond 3D comes with 10 different types of fish and 4 pond environment to make it easier to find the exact combination that better suits you. From the Preferences window you can add as many varieties of koi as you wish to your pond and you can also add more using the extra packs available through the in-app purchase system.

Animated wallpaper and screensaver for koi fish fans

On the whole, Koi Pond 3D makes you desktop more exciting and, if you're a fan of koi fish or of animated desktop backgrounds, this application should be on your purchase list.

Koi Pond 3D was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
Koi Pond 3D [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - Your desktop will turn into a pond with fish.Koi Pond 3D [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - screenshot #2Koi Pond 3D [DISCOUNT: 33% OFF!] - screenshot #3

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