Handy Clock for Mac

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A streamlined Mac OS X application that provides a collection of 6 different beautiful clocks (both classic and modern) on your screen

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Whether they’re vintage or modern, virtual clocks give a fresh touch to your desktop, aside from the obvious functionality. Handy Clock is a native Mac OS X application that provides various eye-catching clocks on your desktop.

By allowing you to resize them, the clocks can occupy your whole screen or just a predefined portion. Furthermore, you can move them anywhere on your desktop: center, corners, edges, etc. by click-dragging them using the right mouse button.

Handy Clock comes with 6 different clock designs to suite your preferences: 3 instrument clocks (in different shades), one modern-looking clock and 2 chronograph clocks (which display the current date).

An additional feature is the ability to adjust the clock transparency, so you can place them on top of other windows without hampering much of the view. Thus, you can set the clocks to stay on top of other apps as well.

Handy Clock was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 28th, 2013
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