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A powerful and very dynamic Mac app that integrates in your system as a Preferences pane and allows you to visualize Earth images with real-time.

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The Earth seen from space is quite a spectacular image that has always fascinated the human kind. EarthDesk is a Mac OS X Preferences pane that displays a real-time representation of the Earth’s surface right on your desktop.

Easy to install and setup utility for visualizing the Earth image instead of your wallpaper

EarthDesk is a System Preferences Pane which means that it comes with a built in installation system: all you have to do is double click on the .prefPane file. Note that, by default, EarthDesk does not start by default: within the pane, you get to make various adjustments and then manually start or stop the rendering.

Displays a high quality, real-time Earth representation without taking to much of your resources

While running on a 2GHz Intel Core Duo with 6GB RAM, the EarthDesk Core process used up about 0.6% of the CPU power, and 73MB of RAM, which is a decent amount of resources. Moreover, EarthDesk offers you the possibility to customize the rendition by switching between different maps, projection types, and so on.

EarthDesk comes with 4 image types (Natural Color, Political, Shaded Relief, or Living Earth Satellite), allows you to see the areas that are under dark, enables you to switch between various map projections, to change the map center, or the update frequency.

In addition, EarthDesk can render real-time satellite cloud images, the location of the space station, and the position of the Sun and Moon. The best part is that you can create various presets and toggle between various settings with a simple mouse click.

User friendly utility that displays a spectacular Earth representation in no time

EarthDesk is able to render an Earth representation as seen from space and give a remarkable look to your Mac’s desktop without using too much of your resources. The app is able to display data in real time, can switch between various image types and map projections, and much more.

EarthDesk was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
EarthDesk - EarthDesk displays a real-time animation of the Earth on your desktop, highlighting cities, the sun's position and even the ISS.EarthDesk - You can choose from one of the many display modes provided by EarthDesk, depending on your preferences.EarthDesk - EarthDesk can display moonlight in multiple forms when the image is centered on the dark side of the planet.EarthDesk - screenshot #4EarthDesk - screenshot #5EarthDesk - screenshot #6EarthDesk - screenshot #7EarthDesk - screenshot #8EarthDesk - screenshot #9EarthDesk - screenshot #10EarthDesk - screenshot #11EarthDesk - screenshot #12

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