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A handy and user-oriented dock manager that enables you to use multiple different docks and switch between them with just a few keystrokes

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Dock Spaces is a lightweight and unobtrusive Mac OS X application that makes it possible to manage up to 10 different Docks.

Setup multiple Docks and assign them to any given Space

With Dock Spaces’ help you can effortlessly create multiple Docks and organize your applications based on your preferences with just a couple of mouse clicks.

On top of that, Dock Spaces offers you the option to assign a Dock to a Space and take full advantage of your multiple spaces, each with a different Dock.

Dock Spaces is designed to run in the background and allows you to completely hide its Dock and menubar icon. By accessing Dock Spaces’ status bar menu you can instantly switch between available Docks.

Easily customize and configure Dock Spaces based on your preferences

The Preferences window offers you great customization options and helps you change the default keyboard shortcuts, enable Dock Spaces to start at login and hide or show the Dock and status bar icon.

Thanks to the Dock tab you can create, manage, reorder and customize your Docks by adding icons transparency, changing the alignment, position and style from 3D to 2D. Moreover, you can lock contents and prevent icons from bouncing in the Dock.

Dock Spaces’ seamless integration with OS X’s Spaces allows you to have one dock per space. This feature greatly improve the possibilities provided by each space and enables you to improve your productivity by creating customized Docks for each of your spaces.

Helps you to quickly backup or restore your preferences

Furthermore, the Smart Setup function is capable to automatically set the space configuration for each Dock, you just have to select the desired number of columns and rows for each of your Spaces. What is more, Dock Spaces helps you backup your preferences and restore them in case you accidentally change the configuration of your Docks.

All thing considered, Dock Spaces is a practical and flexible application that enables you to improve your workflow and organize your Spaces based on your needs. Unfortunately, Dock Spaces is no longer maintained and certain features are no longer fully compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X.

Dock Spaces was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
Dock Spaces - The status bar menu allows you to toggle the available docks.Dock SpacesDock SpacesDock SpacesDock SpacesDock SpacesDock SpacesDock Spaces - The Preferences window where you can choose to backup your dock preferences.

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