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An unobtrusive status bar menu application designed to help you run shell scripts inside windows placed on top of your desktop, and not in the Terminal app.

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Scripts are pieces of code written in various programming languages that can automate certain tasks and eliminate repetitive actions. Desklets is a small yet powerful Mac app that enables you to run such scripts right on your desktop, and have instant access to frequently used information, or tools.

Effortlessly deploy scripts as unobtrusive desktop widgets

Upon launch, Desklets places a menu in your status bar in order to provide quick access to its functions. The app includes a collection on 5 deskspaces and 14 different desklets that have self-explanatory names: battery, calendar, color, date and time, disk usage, events, folder size, iTunes, news, plain text, reminders, system info, uptime, and weather.

To have access to these desklets, select the “Browse” entry from the Desklets status bar menu. Note that each widget comes with its own settings, which you can easily adjust via user friendly panels. However, you also have the opportunity to manually edit the source code.

Develop your own shell scripts and run them on top of your desktop as desklets

Desklets also offers you the possibility to create new deskspaces or desklets, by opening widget windows that contain files, URL addresses, or are executing various scripts developed in Ruby, Bash, PERL, PHP, Python, or AppleScript.

Note that the window of each desktop widget can be easily resized, refreshed, or simply closed. Certain desklets also enable you to adjust their font style and color, the data format, and so on. The application comes with a fairly intuitive workflow, so finding your way around is quite easy.

User friendly solution for executing shell scripts in transparent windows placed on top of your desktop

Desklets comes packed with basic scripts that can display useful information on your desktop, in a very discreet manner. Noteworthy is that, if you have programmer skills, you can take advantage of the Desklets capabilities and run on the desktop scripts developed especially to meet your needs.

Desklets was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Desklets - In the Desklets status bar menu you can choose to quickly add a new deskspace or create a desklet for one of your scripts.Desklets - screenshot #2Desklets - Each Desklets window comes with a settings panel where you can visualize and edit the desklet code and more.Desklets - screenshot #4Desklets - screenshot #5Desklets - screenshot #6Desklets - screenshot #7Desklets - In the Desklets Preferences window all you can adjust is the grid size.

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