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A simple and very easy-to-use converter specially designed to help film editors transfer Final Cut Pro X projects to Avid Pro Tools for audio finishing

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X2Pro Audio Convert is a streamlined utility capable of moving audio projects from Final Cut Pro X to Avid Pro Tools via AAF with embedded or referenced audio media.

In other words, X2Pro Audio Convert converts FCP X XML files into AAF files supported by Avid Pro Tools and seamlessly integrates the two applications. What is more, the AAF audio files is also supported by Steinberg Nuendo and Merging Technologies Pyramix.

X2Pro Audio Convert comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can set the path of the source file along with the path of the destination file, adjust the settings and start the conversion process.

Moreover, X2Pro Audio Convert enables you to choose how the FCP X Roles are converted into tracks by defining their order and deciding if they are included or not.

These settings can be changed via the sliding side panel from where you can select the roles you want to be included in the AAF. As a result, sound editors can easily and effortlessly start working on the project taking into consideration the structure of the video.

If both FCP X and Pro Tools use the same storage unit you can create AAF files that have references to external media. Alternatively you can embed media into a single AAF file for fast and easier transfer. On top of that, X2Pro Audio Convert carefully transfers your audio timeline together with all transitions, levels, L-cuts, J-cuts, automatic gain and fade handles along with the FCP X compound clips.

All transitions are converted into linear cross fades and non-PCM audio are converted to PCM at 24 or 16 bit. In the case of multicam clips, the video angle determines the audio used in the exported file.

All in all, X2Pro Audio Convert is a lightweight yet powerful application that enables you to transform complex Final Cut Pro X projects into editing-ready Pro Tools tracks.

X2Pro Audio Convert was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 11th, 2015
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