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A powerful and trustworthy 3D particle system that enables you to create various effects such as explosions, natural smoke or organic abstract elements

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Trapcode Particular is a versatile Adobe After Effects plugin that provides the necessary tools and features required to generate and animate professional looking particle systems.

Full-featured and comprehensive video effect designer

Moreover, Trapcode Particular comes with real-time interactive previews, 3D camera integration and natural behavior, gravity, air resistance and turbulence controls along with depth of filed and other premium features.

By using Trapcode Particular, you will be able to generate realistic natural effects such as rain, clouds, dust motes, shiny bubbles and smoke.

Free fly control and 3D camera rotation support

Additionally, thanks to Trapcode Particular's support for Adobe After Effects' camera controls and lights, you will be able to fly through the generated particles. Users can also bounce particles off multiple 3D layers, radiate particles from lights and explore their work in a 3D environment.

As an added bonus, Trapcode Particular makes it simple to use an easily customizable particle shading algorithm, designed to make it simple to rotate the camera within a fully 3D and particle filled environment.

Furthermore, while using the Trapcode Particular plug-in you will also be able to effortlessly create particle emitting light sources and to generate 3D-based layers designed to reflect particles.

Support for multi-core processor video rendering

Trapcode Particular is also capable of helping you render huge amounts particles per second, in the thousands, with the help of its built-in multi-core processor support.

One other noteworthy feature, Trapcode Particular’s bit-depth support makes it easy to help you make use of 32 bit-per-channel rendering, thus enabling you to generate full-range and high quality HDR video output.

Comprehensive and powerful video effect building solution

To sum it all up, Trapcode Particular allows Adobe After Effects users to make use of a wide array of tools and features to effortlessly and rapidly design impressive and eye-catching particle system based video effects for professional grade video projects,

Trapcode Particular was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
Trapcode Particular - Fireworks generated using Trapcode Particular.Trapcode Particular - Bi-directional fireworks generated using Trapcode Particular.Trapcode Particular

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