Smart Screen Recorder for Mac

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A robust and handy OS X utility designed to allow its users to easily capture their Mac's screen with just a couple of mouse clicks

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Screen recording is very useful if you need to record all the actions you perform on your desktop for creating a screen-cast or a video demo. Smart Screen Recorder is a screen recording utility that you can use to capture your workflow from the comfort of your Mac's desktop.

The Smart Screen Recorder application features multiple functions, which include the ability to record a video of rectangular position on your screen, as well as adding your own signature and logo to any area of the captured screen.

What's more, Smart Screen Recorder enables you to record computer audio, which is great if you want your videos to be more immersive. This also comes in handy for people that want to create video tutorials, where embedding audio is surely a must.

Additionally, Smart Screen Recorder provides you with the ability to select only a region of your desktop to record and it can also be successfully used demo your newly created application, since it can also capture an iPhone simulator, presentations, slideshows and even game screens with the same ease.

Once the recording process is completed, you can use the Smart Screen Recorder's built-in sharing features to effortlessly share your newly created video with your friends, colleagues or clients.

Furthermore, Smart Screen Recorder allows you to effortlessly insert a logo watermark in all recorded videos, in order to make sure that they won't be stolen or re-distributed by other parties. In addition, you can add multiple logos, if you need to.

To conclude, Smart Screen Recorder is a very interesting app that will help you to greatly simplify the creation of video tutorials with the help of its simple to use and highly intuitive interface.

Smart Screen Recorder was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
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