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Reduces time and efforts for logging and organizing footage
Silverstack LT Field Recorders
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Silverstack LT Field Recorders allows you to enhance your data management by using field recorders like AJA Ki Pros, Atomos Ninja and Atomos Samurai for efficient file-based workflows.

Silverstack LT field recorders is designed for professional data management use cases either for the production workflow from the camera to postproduction or for necessary managed video assist activities - Silverstack LT field records perfectly matches the needs for backup, organizing, inspecting, commenting, labeling. documenting and tracking all your film material.

The award winning Silverstack technology is widely used by many of today's professional film technicians for an efficient and cost-effective data management.

Main features:

  • File-based "Set to Post" workflow - Collect and add information along the production and transfer them to post - All information gathered on the film set can be important for the entire production process. Silverstack LT Field Recorders lists and categorizes all clip related technical and descriptive metadata in its library. The transfer to editorial like Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer is easy and seamless without loosing any metadata.
  • All film technicians working with Silverstack can create and print out comprehensive statistics in order to document and summarize the results of their daily data management tasks.
  • Inspect and check the quality - Inspect and comment all your material - The Silverstack interface offers you an easy way to playback your source material. Judge the quality of your clips with pixel accurate zoom as well as channel, focus and clipping inspectors. You can annotate, comment and add notes directly to your film clips indicating the quality of the clip and what is shown.
  • All of your annotations are saved as clip related metadata within the searchable clip library. When information urgently is needed at the film set or in the post production you find relevant clips based on what you are really looking for.
  • Managed video assist - Store all film information from field recorders and find it quickly for playback - Field recorders save a video stream on memory cards coming from your camera via SDI or HDMI. With the help of Silverstack LT for Field Recorders assist technicians store and add all clip related metadata in it's library.
  • All information about the production is accessible, searchable and manageable in one place. Silverstack is the knowledge base of the production at and near the filmset.
  • Organize the clips from the beginning - Control and organize all your clip information in one place. Take the advantages of a complete file-based workflow and organize all file and clip information with Silverstack LT for Field Recorders. When you offload film clips from your field recorder storage cards, Silverstack instantly scans them to identify all metadata and stores them into its clip library. You can clearly see in the library the content of each clip so they can be easily identified for later use.
  • Silverstack LT for Field Recorders tracks and logs all of your backed up material - at a glance you can see where your clips are located, even if the drives are not connected to your Mac.
  • Select and highlight your clips - Even bring order to the most comprehensive of projects - As you prefer field recorders for managed video assistance or for facilitating the production workflow, with Silverstack LT Field Recorders you can arrange and group all clips to your preferences with ratings, flags, tags and color labels. Additionally get access to film clips with cue-points.
  • The sophisticated clip library of Silverstack LT Field Recorders allows you to quickly shift through your lists of clips. – Have all you clip information at your fingertips - it definitely helps to keep things organized and trackable during the entire production.
  • Support for film-like, "flat" gamma curves - Handle, preview and transfer material with special gamma curves - If you are using the professional Technicolor Cinestyle profile or Sony's SLog gamma curve, Silverstack LT for Field Recorders lets you view the flat gamma clips in vivid colors without transcoding. Flat gamma sequences can be either marked manually or automatically during ingest in Silverstack.
  • When transferring clips to Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X, Silverstack LT for Field Recorders automatically applies the appropriate DSLR Log2Video or SLog2Video filter to each clip, saving you a ton of work.

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Silverstack LT Field Recorders

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9 Screenshots
Silverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field RecordersSilverstack LT Field Recorders

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