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A powerful 3D design solution that includes a wide collection of tools that will help you create realistic figures, objects or scenes.

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The pains of creating high quality 3D models can be greatly reduced by efficient 3D graphic editors, such as Poser. The application is able to render 3D graphics or generate animation by making use of the built-in 3D characters, objects or scenes.

Extensive 3D library

To get started, you can navigate the built-in 3D characters library and select one that suits your projects. Poser includes tools for personalizing the figures by using facial photographs and adding hair or clothing.

The app comes with a Fitting Room where you get to use tools to loosen, smooth, tighten, and preserve certain characteristic when it comes to the character’s garments. In addition, you get to fit the clothes around the figure’s shape by using the magnet and deformer weight map painting tools.

Intuitive animation functions

The Poser models can be moved by adjusting the joints position: this way, the application can easily generate animated characters. Moreover, Poser allows you to import motion capture files in order to create more realistic projects.

Extensive parameters controls

Poser is offering access to a wide collection of parameters that can be easily modified in order to achieve new effects, to control the physics simulation, to influence the morphs and bends interaction and much more.

Moreover, Poser allows you to copy morphs and apply them to other figures: this way you can use the same full or partial body morphs on different base figures. Other capabilities, such as the Pixar subdivision surface, the bullet physics and the comic book preview mode, work together in order to provide an exceptional experience.

Comprehensive 3D graphics rendering solution

Poser provides quick access to a collection of extremely efficient tools that can be used to render high quality 3D characters, objects, animals, scenes and more.

Noteworthy are the extensive characters library, the powerful morph adjusting tools, the realistic physics or the Pixar subdivision surfaces, but, as you explore the application, you will learn that it has a lot more to offer.

Poser was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 18th, 2015
Poser - Analyze your project and view it from all angles.Poser - You can change the material texture from the material option.Poser - You can select numerous rendering options from the menu.Poser - You can choose to show the deformers or hide them.Poser - You have a lot of symmetry features in the options menu.Poser - Choose the lighting of the picture from the options menu.Poser - You can recalculate the dynamics on the hair or cloths.Poser - View your design from different angles.

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