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A complex application that provides support for computer graphics integration, includes object tracking capabilities and allows you to reconstruct entire scenes.






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PFTrack is a complex and innovative application that offers you the necessary tools to process and reconstruct scenes, track objects, change the layout or integrate CG techniques into your projects.

PFTrack includes support for raw LIDAR scans and allows you to model the image by using deforming points or motion capture tools. You can extract the texture or edit vector fields in order to obtain high quality 3D results.

PFTrack comes with its own installer which makes the whole process simpler but you need to know the admin password to be able to install the app. Note that you must also restart your computer to finalize the installation.

PFTrack requires a license file even in trial mode: you must create an user account on the website by completing the PFTrack Trial request form. You will receive an email asking you to validate the contact request and then you must try to login as a customer.

At this time, you do not have a password for your account: press the “Forgot your password” button and you will receive you account details by email. After login, you are able to download the PFTrack trial and request a trial license file, which will also be sent by email.

PFTrack comes with a large collection of efficient tools that allow you to create custom nodes and macros, to integrate scripts in your projects and much more. To learn you can do, you can easily access the PFTrack Learning Zone.

PFTrack provides CG integration solutions that will help you whenever you need to model images, track the objects movement or reconstruct sceneries.
Last updated on September 17th, 2013
PFTrack - In the PFTrack main window you can create new projects and import media content.PFTrackPFTrack - In the PFTrack main window you can choose to quickly add new elements to our projects.PFTrack - In the PFTrack Notes panel you can easily store your observations and indications.PFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrackPFTrack

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