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OS X video player that comes with support for numerous video and audio formats, 3D subtitles, as well as Macs with Retina displays

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Movist is an easy-to-use and powerful OS X video player that comes with support for numerous video and audio formats, 3D subtitles and Retina displays.

Movist started as free and open source project that evolved into a commercial-ware application. However, you can still download the 0.6.8 version for free from our website.

As in the case of the vast majority of OS X applications, the only thing you have to do in order to install Movist is to drag and drop it into your /Applications folder. In the case of the paid version you can easily install it via the App Store.

Movist comes with a simple and minimalist interface from which you can easily access the Preferences window and the transparent playlist slide sheet.

The player uses QuickTime and FFmpeg codecs and also enables you to quickly and easily switch between them by using the predefined key board shortcut.

The Playback tab from the "Right panel" enables you to adjust the playback speed, change the aspect ratio, and adjust the audio and subtitle sync with just a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to the support for Apple Remote you will be able to play, pause and browse through your playlist without leaving your couch.

From the Preferences window you can easily enable or disable various options such as "Single Window Mode" or "Support Apple Remote" and more.

In addition, the Subtitle tab from the Preferences window enables you to load up to 3 subtitles and place them in different parts of the screen. You can also change their color, size and font.

Moreover, Movist features customizable keyboard shortcuts and application themes that you can create or download from the web.

Movist turned out to be a smooth-running and easy-to-use video player that enables you to load more than one subtitle and enjoy your favorite videos regardless of their format.

Movist was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 24th, 2015

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