IP Cam Pro for Mac2.12

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An intuitive, yet quite powerful tool for the Mac OS X platform for automatic motion-triggered video camera viewing and recording

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IP Cam Pro is a handy Mac OS X application that is capable of monitoring the video captured by your Mac’s webcam and sharing the live stream on the web. In other words, the application enables you to monitor what is in front of your Mac from any remote computer and iOS device through a web portal.

Note that the other devices must be connected to the same WiFi network in order for the video stream to be accessed. As far as supported browsers go, IP Cam Pro works best with Safari and Firefox on Mac OS X. Using this app, your browser and device, you can easily create an IP surveillance system.

Furthermore, the application supports your Mac’s integrated FaceTime camera or any connected Firewire or USB webcam. In addition to this, IP Cam Pro can also capture the audio, which allows you to listen to what is going on around your remote Mac computer. However, only the Safari browser supports audio.

Other interesting features include the ability to change the recording mode to night vision, high contrast or black and white. The clips can also be recorded and saved to your Mac’s local disk, and the app can automatically notify you via email audio alerts when it detects motion in front of the camera.

All things considered, IP Cam Pro is a no-frills and straightforward OS X solution to remote-monitoring your Mac’s camera. Besides enabling you to monitor your remote camera from any device, it also offers support for audio (Safari only) and for auto-sending alerts when it detects movement or sounds.

IP Cam Pro was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on May 2nd, 2015
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