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A free and easy to use application designed to help you quickly convert your DVD and CD media content into MP4 or MKV video files

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Considering the vast number of devices out there that can read an even larger number of media files, having an application that can quickly convert your content to different file types is absolutely necessary. HandBrake proposes efficient solutions for quickly converting your media content into MP4 or MKV files.

HandBrake is able to process unencrypted DVDs or CDs and almost any media file that is supported by libavformat and libavcodec. It is recommended to copy the CD or DVD content to the disk before conversion.

Scans your media sources and enables you to convert the content to various file formats

HandBrake comes with batch scanning support: just direct it to a certain folder and it will automatically scan and add all the files that can be converted. The “Title” drop down menu enables you to select which file you want to process, while in the “Source” toolbar you can choose to extract only a certain part of a CD or DVD.

The Output area covers most of HandBrake’s main window: here you can specify the output file format and customize the encoding. HandBrake enables you to use different video codecs: H.264, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 for MP4 files and H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and VP3 for MKV videos.

Optimize the media content for different types of devices by using specific encoding techniques

HandBrake is also able to use different audio encoders: AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3, Flac and more. Furthermore, HandBrake can encode subtitles that are embedded in the media or come as different files.

When converting files to MP4, HandBrake offers you the possibility to enable the 64bit support, to optimize the output file for the web or make it compatible with legacy iPods (5th generation classic style).

Streamlined media conversion solution that packs predefined presets tailored for popular devices

HandBrake includes a collection of conversion presets organized by category: Regular (normal or high profile) and Devices. The latter type will prove to be very useful if you need to create files compatible with different devices, such as iPods, Apple TVs, Android tablets and more. Of course, you can effortlessly create and save your own presents.

HandBrake will prove to be extremely useful whenever you need to play media files on MP4 and MKV compatible devices.

HandBrake was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 9th, 2015
HandBrake - The HandBrake main window where you can use any of the predefined conversion templates to make your video content compatible with specific devicesHandBrake - The HandBrake Picture Settings allows you to customize the video image size and preview the changes within the applicationHandBrake - The HandBrake Picture Settings window also provides quick access to decombing and deinterlacing effectsHandBrake - The HandBrake Queue window where you can quickly view and start the upcoming conversion jobsHandBrake - The HandBrake Preferences window where you can setup default alerts for when the conversion is over, or to choose the default MP4 extensionHandBrake - screenshot #6HandBrake - screenshot #7

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