HD Monitor Pro 1.6

An useful application that allows you to view, focus, optimize, record and organize high definition and standard definition videos.
HD Monitor Pro - Connect with your DV device and begin recording.
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HD Monitor Pro allows users with a Panasonic HVX200 to view, focus, optimize, record and organize high definition and standard definition video directly to their Macintosh computer.

Users see 1:1 pixel accuracy even if they are using a screen resolution less than the full 1080 HD screen resolution of 1920x1080. This allows pixel perfect focusing in real time even on a 12 inch laptop screen. HD Monitor Pro allows you to zoom in up to 400% or to auto scale the video to fit any size window.

On screen audio meters, with high level hold and peak detection, allow users to monitor and optimize their audio levels. Users can listen to the live audio through their Mac for issues like unwanted background noise or problems with a vocal performance.

To prevent feed back loop issues when not using headphones, users can independently control the audio play through volume from the Mac OS system sound settings. Users shooting in high def can record and view audio meters for all 4 channels of audio for maximum flexibility in editing.

Users can independently control starting and stopping HD Monitor Pros clip recording from the cameras record button. Users will be able to continue recording direct to disk even when the cameras tape stops and needs to be changed.

An on screen indicator will let the user know when a clip is being recorded as well as a system resource meter which will warn of recording issues before they happen.

HD Monitor Pro's direct to disk recording provides the ability to label, rate, and add notes to each shot which later imports directly into Final Cut Pro, improving the efficiency of field logging and energizing post production.

HD Monitor Pro removes the time limits of shooting on tape or P2 cards and eliminates the possibility of tape dropouts. With the ability to instantly review shots on the fly without having to switch the camera to VCR mode and shuttle tape around, users can see immediately if they got the shot or not.

HD Monitor Pro allows you to zoom in up to 400% or to auto scale the video to fit any size window.

Main features:

  • Real Time Markers:
  • Add Markers to your clips in real time by pressing a number key. Add Markers to your clips so that you can quickly find these important spots later when editing in Final Cut Pro. This is a great feature when there is little time to edit your footage. An amazing time saver for creating a Same Day Edit for a wedding or other time sensitive event.
  • Real Time Marker Sets:
  • Create as many Marker Sets as you need to suite all the different types of shooting you do. Easily create and manage sets for: Weddings, Legal Depositions, Commercials, Interviews, Short Films, etc. Each Marker Set has 10 customizable names to give you the flexibility to quickly and easily find important points in your video.
  • Clip List Export to Text:
  • Now you can save a ton of time by exporting your Clip List with all your named clips, ratings, comments, clip duration, and all your Real Time Markers with their own time code. If you shoot legal depositions you know that you need to keep a log book of lawyer objections. You can create a Real Time Marker with the name "Objection" and add this marker to your video clip every time a lawyer objects. Then simply use our Clip List Export to Text feature to create a text file with all the objections listed with the time they occurred in the video clip. Print this file and you no longer need to keep a log book when shooting depositions. There are many useful things one can do with this Clip List for other shooting situations.
  • High Definition Support for HVX200 and HPX500:
  • View and Record 1080 and 720p HD with your Panasonic HVX200 and HPX500.
  • 4 Channel Audio support for HVX200 and HPX500:
  • Record all 4 Channels of audio from your Panasonic HVX200 and HPX500.
  • 2 or 4 Channel Audio Metering with Clip Light:
  • Audio VU meters for all 4 Channels of audio with your Panasonic HVX200 and HPX500.
  • Recording Synced with Camera:
  • With the ability to set recording start and recording stop independently as two separate options, you can continue to record to disk when a tape runs out and needs to be replaced.
  • Direct to Disk Recording:
  • Save time by recording direct to disk. Don't waste time capturing tapes ever again! Avoid having to change tapes every 60 min and worrying about tape drop outs. Direct to disk recording will also save your tape heads from being worn out from recording and playing back to capture.
  • Add Notes to Each Clip:
  • Quickly add a shot label, shot rating and comments to each clip to make editing a breeze. Adding shot notes during filming takes the guess work out of logging your footage or having to keep good notes, as it is done while the shot is fresh in your mind and not a distant memory.
  • Instant Editing in Final Cut Pro:
  • Start editing the instant you are done shooting. Export to a Final Cut Pro XML file that when double clicked will launch Final Cut Pro and load all the clips with their shot details ready to edit.
  • Shot Matching:
  • Quickly compare your current shot to a previously recorded clip so that you do not end up with nasty jump cuts when you edit your clips together. This will allow you to match your zoom, focus, exposure, color balance and framing.
  • Continuity Checking:
  • Maintain your continuity by comparing a previous shot to the current shot. Quickly check if objects in the shot have changed like a candle that has burned too short or a glass of water that needs to be refilled.
  • Custom Image Overlays with full Alpha Channel support:
  • Create an image that can be laid over the live video. Indispensable for setting up and checking effects shots or use it to create a custom aspect ratio mask. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with this feature.
  • Clip Manager:
  • Manage your clips like music in iTunes. Sort and organize your shots. Add Shot labels like "Print", "Outtake", "Audio Only", "Bad Take" or any custom labels you would like to use. Then rate each shot so you can quickly find the best of the best when you are editing. Add comments to make editing easier and remind you or your editor of the specifics of each shot. Quickly add your Scene and Take information to accelerate your editing experience. Easily remove unwanted clips to free up space on your hard drive and reduce the clutter in editing.
  • User Preferences:
  • Adjust the thickness of the Guides from 1 to 5 pixels to make them easier to see. Set your preference for how much free space to leave on your Hard Drive so that you can keep from totally filling up a Hard Drive. Create Shot Labels that work for you. You now have the choice to De-Interlace the Main Video Window to smooth out the action when shooting interlaced.
  • Focus in full 1:1 resolution:
  • Getting exact focus has never been easier. See your full resolution Standard Definition video for precision focussing. Still not certain? Zoom in up to 400% and be sure!
  • Frame your shot in real time:
  • View your video live even if you can't see the camera's built-in monitor. Put your camera on a jib arm or on a steadicam and see exactly what you are getting without having to lug around or figure out how to power and place a dedicated field monitor.
  • Mini View:
  • The Mini View is a helpful miniature monitor that allows you to zoom in or out to see specific parts of your video. Zoom in up to 250% to help get critical focus or check out details. Used in conjunction with the main screen, you can easily track what part of the scene you are viewing via a scrolling graphic indicating position.
  • High and Low Exposure Zebras:
  • Exposure Zebras will allow you to check your exposure levels in real time, just like your video camera's built in display. More powerful than a camera's zebra, DV Monitor has both LOW and HIGH zebras, revealing far more information on your lighting. One notch further, the high and low Zebra thresholds are user configurable so you can decide how you want to use this powerful feature.
  • Super Easy Monitor Calibration:
  • DV Monitor walks you through each calibration step with full instructions. A complete novice can calibrate their computer display in under 30 seconds and rest assured, the calibration only affects DV Monitor's windows, not your Mac's calibration.
  • Image Flip:
  • Anyone using a 35-mm lens adaptor will need this feature. Because most 35-mm lens adaptors do not correct the inverted image. DV Monitor will allow you to flip both the vertical and horizontal axes.
  • On-Screen Guides:
  • With the on-screen guides you can see your TV and title safe zones. You can see how the cropping for 16:9 will look. Center cross-hair as well as the "rule of thirds" guides will help you perfectly compose your shots.
  • Ease of Use:
  • DV Monitor provides the ease of use that Mac users expect. DV Monitor is fast and efficient for laptop users with easy keyboard short cuts.
  • Efficient use of Screen Space:
  • DV Monitor has a clean and easy interface with cool GUI features like the Mini View on screen positioning guide. You choose how big your video window should be and where on screen you want it. Keyboard short cuts and contextual menus speed up the interface and allow you to hide the View Options window freeing up more screen space.

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March 27th, 2009, 16:36 GMT
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4.5 MB
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Red Lightning Software
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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Universal Binary
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7 Screenshots
HD Monitor Pro - Adjust your viewing options from the menu.HD Monitor Pro - Set markers for each recording.HD Monitor Pro - You can see the video deinterlaced by going in the preference menu.HD Monitor Pro - Set the reserve volume for each recording in the preference menu.HD Monitor Pro - Edit shot labels options in the preference menu.HD Monitor Pro - With your clip manager you can organize your projects.
What's New in This Release:
  • The Take field will automatically and intelligently index.
  • Start and End Proxy Clip Recording with Control + Space and Escape keys.
  • Real Time Markers now use Option + 1 through 0 keys.
  • Full Size Movie Previews in the Clip Manager.
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