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Efficient and easy to install QuickTime components that offer you the possibility to preview and process Cineon and DPX footage.

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The Cineon/DPX Toolkit for Mac OS X software package provides easy access to a collection of DPX and Cineon components that integrate with any QuickTime enabled application in order to provide support for rendering high definition images.

As a result, you will be able to access Cineon or DPX sequences within any QuickTime app, such as Final Cut Studio, Telestream’s Episode, or Adobe After Effects.

Easy to install QuickTime components that can be controlled via a Preferences Pane

The Cineon/DPX Toolkit software archive comes with an installer package that deploys the included components with minimal user interaction, but also integrates a control pane into the System Preferences.

The latter will prove to be very useful if you need to adjust the way in which DPX files are handled when imported into QuickTime compatible apps, or to customize the DPX export settings. The same area also enables you to customize the Cineon import or export settings.

Preview the DPX or Cineon footage within any QuickTime application

The Cineon/DPX Toolkit components allow you to view the Cineon and DPX footage together with time code and imagery, while all the metadata is preserved. You will have the option to either playback the footage, or to scrub through the frames. Moreover, you can export frames to QuickTime movies in order to share them in a more popular file format.

In addition, Cineon/DPX Toolkit comes with built-in support for 3DLUT, and allows you to use certain LUT files: LUTher 3D LUT text files, Apple’s Color 3D LUTs, or Pandora 3D LUTs.

Powerful Cineon and DPX QuickTime components that quickly integrate with your system

The package contains a collection of encoder plugins that enable you to export the Cineon or DPX shots using the Apple Compressor app. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you will be able to override the preset frame rates and retime footage.

To conclude, Cineon/DPX Toolkit proposes efficient and unobtrusive solutions for dealing with high definition Cineon or DPX footage within any QuickTime enabled app. Note that all the components integrate seamlessly into your system, and do not interfere with your workflow.

Cineon/DPX Toolkit was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 21st, 2015
Cineon/DPX Toolkit - By accessing the DPX Import tab of the Preferences window, you will be able to customize the DPX Film/RGB import settings.Cineon/DPX Toolkit - From the DPX Output preferences tab, users can easily adjust DPX header export settings.Cineon/DPX Toolkit - The Cineon preferences tab enables users to quickly customize Cineon's import and export settings.Cineon/DPX Toolkit - screenshot #4

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