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Offers you the possibility to easily setup a AirPlay mirror your Mac's screen to your Apple TV via your Wi-Fi network in no time

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AirParrot is light and unobtrusive Mac OS X utility that adds AirPlay screen mirroring to your Mac for wireless streaming of movies, music, photos and more.

Enables you to display your Mac’s screen on Apple TV

Thanks to AirParrot you can now stream what is on your Mac to your TV and speakers via Apple TV or to a computer running Reflector. AirParrot comes as complementing app to Mac OS X’s Airplay and offers you control over your screen.

Thus, you can use AirParrot to connect your Mac to a TV without wires by using the built-in feature on your Apple TV. Once installed, AirParrot enables you to mirror your screen at 1080p resolution to your Apple TV 3 and other supported device.

Mirror the entire desktop or only an application with ease

AirParrot also helps you extend your desktop to your Apple TV and mirror only the selected application while continuing to use other apps on your computer. Hence, you can stream audio and video, mirror any given display, hide the mouse cursor, adjust overscan, change video quality and adjust the frame rate and connect to password protected devices.

By accessing AirParrot’s status bar menu, you can view available devices, choose the display or application you need to mirror, enable or disable the audio and select the window of the app you want to stream.

Make the needed adjustments and fill the entire screen

The Preferences window helps you adjust the overscan, video quality and frame rate with a few clicks of a mouse button. AirParrot is also capable to hide or show the mouse cursor, hide the Notification center and stretch apps to fill the Apple TV screen.

In conclusion, if you need more control over the AirPlay feature and you want to stream video and audio to other devices than Apple TV, then AirParrot is the app for you.

AirParrot was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
AirParrot - The AirParrot status bar menu where you can choose to extend your desktop or specific applications to other locationsAirParrot - The AirParrot Preferences window where you can adjust the video quality, or the maximum frame rate when it comes to mirroringAirParrot - In the AirParrot Media Streaming preferences you can adjust the video quality and the default subtitle languageAirParrot - In the AirParrot General preferences panel you can easily install or uninstall the audio and display drivers

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